M1897 Trench Gun CoD2

This user is also a great shot with a shotgun in Call of Duty 2.

Hello, I hope you enjoy this database very much! I play Call of Duty: World at War on the Wii, and now own Call of Duty 2 on the PC. I started playing on April 11, 2009. I prefer using sub-machine guns, and have used a variety of weapon customs. I am (as of 9/07/09) level 25 on my First Prestige, and hope to improve my skills for better perks. I have edited many articles on different wikis, and in CoD WaW I aim to use the M1 Garand more often. Well, until then, keep reading our articles and enjoy the games! I am level 25 on my first prestige because my friend (who owns CoD: WaW) played my file a lot, and told me not to use certain guns or perks.

As of 5/17/09, I am called Bignicky9 on WaW, The Last FNG, The Tenth Doctor, etc. for MW2/Black Ops, and numerous names on COD4. I rarely play CoD2, where I have downloaded dozens of mods, and I almost never play CoD1 now that Happen Penguin servers cease to exist. CoD4, WaW, and Mw2 are the games I play weekly. I am best with the RPD in MW2. On PC WaW, I use CoD Nazi Zombie Realism 2.0, and was in the clan MFH for CoD2, and am not in any other notable clan for any other CoD Games.

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7/17/09- I tried to nominate myself for User of the Month (I'm not sure if it was a bad idea yet...),but I was rejected (I think). I also don't know why I'm not listed on the "Featured Users" page, but I have a hunch- because I'm not a User of the Month. I've edited many articles, some dramatically and others simply on spelling. I may not be allowed to use my Call of Duty: World at War file on the Wii, but may be getting CoD: WaW for the PC.   7/28/09- I've played Call of Duty 2 more often recently. I've used the server "Mercs For Hire" almost every time I play multi-player. I've become the best (personally) with the M1 Garand, a great shot with a shotgun (getting at least 5 kills per match,and one time I gained 60), and O.K. with the Thompson.  Today I gained a large quantity of kills with the shotgun, and less with the other 2, so I might be better with it.

8/27/09- I am named M1Sgt.Johnson on Call of duty 2 multi-player, and Sgt. Johnson on Call of Duty 1 and Call of Duty: United Offensive. I have much more experience with the game and win more often with at from 20-60 KILLS. I have an editing strategy/plan, which I'll add later.8/28/09- I feel that we ought to make as many articles as we can, so in the near future we'll have more things to write about. These new articles will range from descriptions of maps to articles like the "teddy" bear one. We have no need to worry about stubs, as there are always new members to this website, who will help us edit them eventually. Using this plan, I feel we can expand the knowledge of all of the Call of Duty games, as well as the knowledge open to a reader.

9/6/09- I've had more experience editing since I started working here this summer. I've gained more knowledge of the different users here, as well as the community articles. I hope to edit more when I get the time.
MP44 CoD2

This User's favorite German weapon in Call of Duty 2 is the MP-44, also known as the STG-44.

Sten 2

This user's favorite British weapon is the Sten.


This user's favorite rifle in Call of Duty: World at War is the M1 Garand.

DP-28 WaW

This user's favorite machine gun is the DP-28.

Call of Duty: World at War InformationEdit

Favorite Rifle: M1 Garand.*

Favorite Sniper Rifle: None.*

Favorite SMG: MP-40 (With certain perks, this gun is practically the best SMG).

Favorite Machine Gun: DP-28.*

Favorite Grenade: Frag/Sticky Grenade.*

Favorite Perk 1: Bouncing Betty x2.*

Favorite Perk 2: Camouflage.*

Favorite Perk 3: Martyrdom.*

Favorite sidearm: Tokerev T33.*

  • The asterisks represent that the choices I made for my favorites vary. It is because I never tried out all of the guns there were, or all the perks there were.

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Articles I've Created So Far....Edit

1.St. Mere Eglise

2.El Alamein, Egypt

Major CoD3
Major CoD3


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4.El Alamein

Raptor's M16A1

This user loves the M16A4


This user is an FNG at editing.

Silver ThePrestige

This user has prestiged many times in Modern Warfare 2.


I called in over 10 emergency airdrops in 1 prestige! I got 8 kills, and used a chopper gunner from my care package, but my killstreak stayed at 10 in the Barracks. It stinks.

As of 5/17/11, I have called in over 50 care packages in all my prestiges, hundreds of care packages, and almost 50 chopper gunners/ Ac-130s combined.


As of 5/17/11, I have a killstreak of 24 and gained over 101 kills in a 40 person map of Shipment. The four spawn points throughout the map made myself die so much that I had no choice but to spawnkillhalfway through the match, as were 5 others. The other 35 were running around killing each other. I have made recordings of this, but do not own the programs neccessary to view them yet.

=CoD: WaW

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