{{Users with rights}}Edit

The first task was placing {{Users with rights}} on every userpage of users with rights. The list of pages to edit was made from all links that appeared on the template.

replace with
{{Users with rights}}

67 edits were made.

Cleaning up filepagesEdit

The second task was removing unnecessary headers (License and Summary headers) and adding a {{No license}} tag for files without any license tags on them.

replace with
== ?(summary|licens(e|ing)):? ?==
Only if not contains:
\{\{(template:)?(fair ?use|attribution|cc-.*|copyrighted.*|public domain|pd|cm|fu|none selected|no license|GFDL|GPL)\}\}
{{No license}}

Over 9,000 were made. (9,386 edits to be exact).

Fixing {{PMG}} linksEdit

The third task was making all PMG files consistent in the usage of tags: all PMGs would have the {{PMG}} tag, instead of a {{PD}} tag and along with it a category tag. The list of pages was generated from the PMG category, and no other pages were edited.

replace with
{{(template:)?(Public Domain|PD)}}
{{No license}}

1,547 edits were made.

General filelink/transclusion fixesEdit

The fourth task is fixing some general things in filelinks and transclusions of templates, to get everything working consistently.

replace with

294 edits were made.

Category sortingEdit

The 5th task was sorting categories for all namespaces other than the mainspace by pagename, instead of by namespace. Usually, for example templates, are all sorted by the T because they're in the Template: namespace. Placing |{{PAGENAME}} behind the category link sorts them by pagename.

Replace With

2,870 edits were made

Template fixesEdit

The 6th task of this bot was fixing templates, mainly talk page templates, to prevent them from having magic words on the talk pages themselves, but instead become the actual word ({{BASEPAGENAME}} becomes the actual username). also id="w" was removed for having no purpose.

Replace With
{\|(.*)id="?w"? *

91 edits were made

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