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For those of you who haven't heard of me, or those who have heard of me but didn't give 2 shits, I enjoy playing Call of Duty. Of course, this may also apply to you. However, I am going to use my current knowledge of all Call of Duty games I have ever played to bring you things I enjoy or do not enjoy about Call of Duty games, and in anticipation for Call of Duty: Ghosts, let's recap all the things we like and dislike about Call of Duty games.

For starters, I am going to get into the most recently released Call of Duty game, Black Ops 2. Now for those who were disilliusioned by Treyarch's previous foray into Camper's training, Black Ops 2 as with any CoD game has campers, and all the other thing we don't enjoy. But let's not get into that. First up, the things I liked about Black Ops 2:

Black Ops 2Edit

Likes (Redundancy lol)Edit

  1. The Pick-10 Custom class system: I actually think picking 10 items in your class is fair, along with the Wildcards too. You may have lots of attachments for your weapons of choice, but you can't have equipment or perks. Overall, I think it's a nice trade-off and well balanced.
  2. Single Player weapon customization: This brought a new level of depth to the Campaign experience by allowing players to select weaponry that may fit their preferred play style and complete each mission completely uniquely, so 1 mission isn't exactly the same (Unless you keep the recommended loadout)
  3. Menendez: We had a reason to hate him, he had a reason to hate us. Like Makarov of the MW series. 
  4. No Deathstreaks: One more reason I prefer Treyarch despite the BS their games throw at all of us. Death streaks were pure hand holding, and even then they didn't help new or inexperienced players. That's why there's Combat Training.
  5. Score Streaks: Honestly, a nice medium between killstreaks and point streaks. Collecting points is nothing. Killing yields much more points.
  6. Ghost got nerfed! In Black Ops 1 of course, Ghost was pretty terrible to deal with, to say the least. By fixing Ghost so that in order to stay off the radar, you must be moving 50% faster than your default speed (This stacks with Lightweight) is brilliant. So much less reason to camp, more reason to keep on the move.
  7. Now, this may be my opinion, but the maximum levels not being too high is pretty decent, as 80 levels seems too much to me.
  8. No prestige ranks past 10th. THANK THE LORD, less incentive to panick or leave lobbies full of these 15/20 prestige rank guys.
  9. Nuketown Zombies: Apart from the randomly falling perks, this was one of the best zombies experiences since, well, ever. 
  10. Mob of the Dead: Great voices, great storyline, great memorable map. Purely awesome.

Now, hopefully not taking too much cues from Smuff...


  1. Laser Sight: Gives players too much leeway with perks. Steady Aim needs to return
  2. No pro perks: Okay, I admit it: I miss the Pro Perk concept.
  3. The Target Finder: Seriously, any little ounce of skill in this game was removed by giving players an attachment that POINTS OUT THE GODDAMN ENEMIES FROM MILES AWAY!!!! Alot worse when used with certain weapons.
  4. The DSR-50: Know what? Quickscopers in general. All they do is abuse a fucking aim assist function. What's the skill in that? Not to mention the 98 damage and the multipliers ensure 1 shots to the limbs. This needs not only the RoF reduction, but a power reduction by multipliers or damage itself. Either (Or both) will do.
  5. As usual, the lag compensation: Ever since BO1, the lag compensation has caused bullets to magically bend around corners as if enhanced by Dumbledore himself.
  6. Fast mag should be every other reload like in BO1: Tying into that, bring back Sleight of Hand too.
  7. OP Shotguns: A complete reverse of BO1, where Shotguns lost to everything even at 15 meters. Now, everything beyond 15 meters loses to Shotguns like the KSG or a Long Barrel-fixed R870.
  8.  B23R and the KAP-40 are both on par with most primaries: Is this not a problem with anyone else?

Overall, when all is said and done, it is indeed a massive improvment over Black Ops 1. However, that isn't saying much since instead of SMG/ARfests we now have Shotguns and LMGs being used continuously and Quickscopers are back with a vengeance.

Modern Warfare 3Edit


  1. Brings back Golden Camoflauge: This at least shows some sign of prestige in the community of players again.
  2. The concept of double weapon XP: So now you can still rank up without horrendously losing XP hitting the max level on weekends!


  1. The ACR 6.8. IW has messed up BIG TIME with this gun. In MW2, regardless of how little recoil it had (Read:It's all visual, it had none) it was weak as hell. Now, it's a 1 shot kill at all ranges in Hardcored mode and it has just about as much recoil it had in MW2 with the kick proficiency and people were using early unlock token Prestige awards to unlock this thing.
  2. The MP7. As with the ACR, you have people using Prestige awards to unlock this thing early. Not to mention it is atrocious to try to beat MP7 wielding people unless you too are using it or you have the ACR. Might I mention even at this moment a majority of MW3 players still use the ACR 6.8 or the MP7. Just like the OP 4 of BO1 it's scary.
  3. Assassin Pro. Granted I was pretty unfair in some MW3 dislike blogs about Ghost being worse than this. Over time, I couldn't have realized how much of a shit-head I was. This thing, upon unlocking Pro version, could protect people from Advanced UAV. At least Ghost had vulnerability to the AUAV equivalent. On top of this, there's the protection from EMP. Granted this alone isn't too bad. But in combination with AUAV protection, it's awful.
  4. Despite Gold being unlocked, I found it took IMMENSE amounts of playtime to unlock, even with Double Weapon XP. Of course, this is only what I think.
  5. Damn Deathstreaks. This is handholding and doesn't help the players who need helping!
  6. Prestiges past 10. Alright, all I can say is what the hell were they thinking?
  7. Feels exactly like MW2. Now, this was the source of a lot of negative reviews. This was the game that the Community really saw CoD for becoming boring and derivative of the last one, offering only evolution instead of revolution, like the jump from CoD3 to CoD4. All it really is is MW2 with new maps and reskins of weapons, if a few new ones at that.

Overall, very boring and derivative. At least Black Ops 1 tried (and failed spectacularly) to differentiate.

Black OpsEdit


  1. Shotguns no longer Secondaries: Thank goodness! Treyarch was right in that it gave them too much firepower.
  2. Quickscoping is useless: After a good year of shooting a guy almost to death and then getting instantly killed by him abusing the flinch or recoil of his gun, it's a damn relief Quickscoping is gone. 


(Okay, here we go)

  1. The Famas: This thing is horrendously overpowered. It takes less time to kill than all other weapons in the game, even when compared to the seriously stranger game MW2 was. Even after Treyarch nerfed it, but not the damage nerf it needed, it still is horrifically overused.
  2. The AUG: After the FAMAS nerf, this thing is now much more commonly used, as with the M1887 Dual Wield/SPAS-12 situation in MW2. Treyarch listened to the community for all the wrong things, aside from Quickscoping that is.
  3. COD Currency: Okay, I prefered instantly being able to use a newly unlocked gun instead of continuously working my ass off for it.
  4. Pro Perk challenges: I don't ever want to complete 3 grueling challenges then pay $3000 points to unlock a pro perk. In fact, one perk's challenges made it so that you had to play a specific game type too!
  5. Shotguns: Despite the previous pro of these things no longer being secondaries, Treyarch nerfed these things to the point of them being useless. Seriously, these things are not only lazily edited (All of them share the same sound effect) but they have nothing, absolutely nothing, going for them.
  6. The hit detection: The lag compensation bends bullets around corners (The first game so far that this happens in) and when using Shotguns and sniper rifles the game goes, "Oh, I won't register that, lemme just give that Famas camper his magical homing bullets again."
  7. Create-a-Class: Unlike the kickass system of BO2, the BO1 Create a Class was an absolute catastrophe. You could have a grenade, a special grenade and a tactical grenade. For me? That's plain silly and gives the player too much power. Didn't you say that wasn't going to happen Treyarch?
  8. Ghost Perk: This perk was big trouble, its benefits were large and the Pro perk allowed most users to reap the rewards of combined perks for the cost of 1 perk slot. Glad they nerfed this in BO2.
  9. Reused weapon sounds: As mentioned in the Shotgun section, all weapons use the same sound, the sound of a BB gun being raped by a buzzsaw when it's barrel is being broken off. 

Overall, this game and its promises were good on paper, but failed catastrophically in pratice, with some of the most horrendously overpowered weapons in CoD history, and some users got turned off of Treyarch games for good. 

If you like and dislike other things about Call of Duty games, feel free to leave them below the line!

Things other users like and dislike about the CoD franchise gamesEdit

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