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  • I live in Capital Wasteland
  • My occupation is Companion
  • I am Male

Well I guess Im hereEdit

Hello, My name is BravoAlphaSix (Not really). I came to this wiki to teach and learn others. I usually patrol the recent changes since I am an RCP member,but I still give some info and I organize pages, especially the ones where info clashes together. I find that I am quite a Grammar Nazi and the "Hey pick that up or you'll die" type...I like to keep order. I tried the Fan-Fiction stuff and its pretty fun, Lots of user's Fan-Fictions are awesome. I give a special thanks to Callofduty4 "4" helping me make my userpage.

Flame and troll me all you want, I <3 Boxxy. Bravoalphasix 17:25, August 16, 2010 (UTC)

My Fan-Fiction is HERE!Edit

My Fan-Fiction Gallery is HEREEdit

Thoughts about the FF HereEdit

My objectives on this wikiEdit

  1. Get 100 main space edits
  1. Get 250 main space edits
  1. Become a Recent Changes Patroller
  1. Get 1,000 Edits
  1. Become a System Operator
  1. Create 5 pages. (Closing In, Hostile Territory.)
  2. HAVE A HOT BLOG!!! (wow the little punks that flame us from the outside)
  1. Become an Admin's Pet.
  1. Get 500 main space edits
  1. 2,000 edits?

My Friends. Yeah. Take your name off the list if you don't consider me as a friend.Edit

Sactage (My mentor in my opinion)

Cpl. Dunn (Awesome friend, Sig creator, and admin)

A Lonely Nomad (We are brothers in the religion...FAIL! No seriously.)

II Helljumper II ( Like ALN, We have problems, But yeah. )

Mau5killer (Awesome friend and helper)

Pillsbury810 (Best imagination ever)

WHISKEY35 (Awesome friend and admin)

CodExpert (Awesome userbox creator, admin, and friend)

Alex Martin Rider (My awesome first trusted user)

Bumblebeeprime09 (Awesome friends and user "BBP09 is here to bump!")


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