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Hello (Insert Username here), I plan on editing this wiki mainly because of so many uneccesary stubs and errors. I have spent time here beforehand and read alot of the articles.

CODENAME Druganov: The Sniper Story

Well as you know, I am called CODENAME Druganov. However I DONT use a Sniper anymore. This is why.

I used to use a sniper all the time on CoD 4 and WaW, I was unrivaled in Sniper Matches, and I was given the nickname Druganov by my friends because of it, as it was the sniper I most commonly used. However, I played alot of search and destroy matches, and that is how i stoped using Snipers. So I was playing search on CoD 4, when i was killed. I started spectating the rest of the team. Most also used Snipers. The enemys planted the bomb, and while I would have defused it, the Snipers stayed in their sniper spots. Needless to say, we lost because of it. So I dismissed it. But after more games it kept happening. And it made me lose almost all respect for CoD Snipers, and so I stoped Sniping and started using blue tiger camo MP5, with Red dot sight. I still dislike Snipers, one day i may snipe again, but i still think snipers to only be in a game to camp and snipe, unmoving. I also play Nazi Zombies.

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