aka DJ H4RU-H1

  • I live in Cranston
  • My occupation is Professional Otaku!
  • I am Getting ready for Spring


."A HitlerXFluttershy fan fic? Only the minds of TWTIA and Panzer could create such a work" Me, after TWTIA and Panzer mentioned making a HitlerXFluttershy fan fiction

.Bronies make otaku seem normal Me after seeing how twisted MLP fan fiction can be.

About myselfEdit

In a nutshell, I'm American and proud of it! But seriously, I live in Rhode Island, and I play a little too much video games, CoD included, I'm level 11 in MW2 1st prestige,(thanks for the incentive to prestige Infinity Ward!) I also play shooters like Halo and Left 4 Dead, my tag on XBL is Black Doom777. My definition of relaxing is listening to metal while reading manga. (Don't hate) well that's me in a nutshell. I also tend to make an ass of myself occasionally, but I'm an all-around nice guy, just don't piss me off and we'll get along just fine. As for the whole Brony issue, I am neutral, I respect both sides of this issue and it's staying that way. I also try to be an anti-troll, but I ususally fail, so I back down quietly afterwards. Oh, and I'm also a founding member of the film company Diamond Spade Studios, which has gone under... Seems a LOT has changed during my little hiatus... I once more feel like an alien here. And welp... I'll try to be around as much as I physically can due to technical difficulties with my laptop and having to use my iPad, anyway edit over, CoDfan out!

The Roast of Codfan

Favorite weaponsEdit


Assault rifles: M16A4, TAR-21

SMGs: UMP45, P90


Sniper Rifles: Intervention, Barrett .50 cal

Handguns: USP.45 Desert Eagle

Machine Pistols: M93R, G18

Shotguns: SPAS12, Striker, M1014

Launchers: Stinger.

Blops:N/A I don't play online for Blops. &nbsp

Wiki FriendsEdit

Leave your Sig here if you see me as a friend here.

  • Sup man! You iz coolmode! REDSKIN-26Personal Redskin-26 Squirtle sprite03:37, November 11, 2011 (UTC)
  • Can't believed I haven't signed this... Twig (Talk) wNJ2zkL.png 01:48, November 19, 2011 (UTC)
  • Hello my fellow Battlecolt pwner. That is, we pwn at playing Battlecolt, not we pwn the franchise.
  • I'm still watching you. Get best AA driver again, I put your house in front of Space Colony ARK. 14:25, December 18, 2011 (UTC)
  • we all know i am da best AA driver vm7BQ.png


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