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Hi, My name on this wiki, its well kinda obvius, Cam37. You can call me Darkwolf115, Zombiecrazy100, or Simply Dan the Warlus. I Joined this Wiki a long ..long time ago, year 2009, I Uploaded a lot of images back in the time, But Lazyness got over me Lol!! well. Warlus 007 OUT! oh and heres my Youtube Channel

DO NOT READ THIS...or ze doc vill rape you...Jaa...Edit

The Best CoD Game?Edit

Well amongst the many Call of Duty games i have played, my favorite ones would be Between Black ops And Modern Warfare 2. I Liked Black ops because of this Cold-war Feeling, and the Stealth missions on the Campaing made it Awesome. The campaing levels were Good, I Did not like the Vietnam Enviroment so Much, but i did like the 'Russian' part of the Game, as well as the snow maps of the Multiplayer.

My least Favorite map on Black ops is Drive in, and my favorite one is either Nuketown or Berlin Wall.

Modern Warfare 2: I like this game because it Started a New generation of CoD in the Multiplayer. The campaign was Good, enjoyable and had that feeling of Oh, we're loosing, lets get back up Unline MW3. Spec ops Missions were far better than MW3's (In my Opinion).

It Zombie slaying Time!Edit

The first time i Played Nazi Zombies i did not like it that much, It was like : Uh, what do i have to do..ZOMBIES on a Classic WW2 Game like CALL OF DUTY? NO FREAKING WAY, THEY RUINED IT, But it wasnt until the Release of Verrückt that i Really started to get into the Zombies mode.

The map i most Enjoy Playing Is either Der Riese or Kino Der Toten.

My Zombie records Are

Nacht : 23 Rounds

Verruckt : 22 Rounds

Shi no Numa : 17 Rounds [Never play it thaaat much]

Der Riese : 29 Rounds

Kino der Toten : 23 Rounds

Ascension : 31 Rounds

Call of the Dead : ..not really remember

Shangri-La : ..Wut?

Moon : 19 Rounds

Green Run/Tranzit : 23 Rounds

Green Run/Survival/Town : 30 Rounds

Green Run/Survival/Farm : 14 Rounds

Green Run /Grief/Town : 8 Rounds

Green Run/Grief/Farm : 10 Rounds

Great Leap Forward/Die Rise : 25 Rounds

Alcatraz Island/Mob of the Dead : 17 Rounds

Alcatraz Island/Grief/Cell Block : 8 [first and only time i raged quited]

Few of my captured Shots [F12]Edit


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