== Chubbaking==

Hey its Chubbaking (call me Gromit if you want). I play CoD on the PS3 (IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT CONSOLE YOU HAVE, AS LONG AS YOU ENJOY IT!), I have CoD4, WAW and MW2. I'm 14, even though I have all three 'new' CoDs and I live in Kent, England.

My CoD[edit | edit source]

CoD[edit | edit source]

First of all, I don't like prestiging - there seems to be no point.

I am level 55 in the best CoD (in my opinion) - 4.

Prestige 1 56 I think in WAW (dunno why I prestiged then).

Level 70 in MW2.

DOWN WITH HITMARKERS!!!![edit | edit source]

C'mon, a .50cal NOT getting a 1 shot kill? Or an anti-material rifle (intervention)?

Colt45M1911-001.jpg This user loves the M1911 .45


Ak47.jpg This user loves the AK-47!
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