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  • I live in United States
  • I was born on July 4
  • I am Legend


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And now for a super important public service announcement - don't feed the Yao Guai! That is all.

About me

Hey, I'm CoD addict, an editor and Wikian since 2008. If you need anything, be it help, advice, or friendly conversation, just leave me a message here.

Below is a list of Wikis I edit:

Have fun and good editing!


I joined Wikia in 2009 and here I have rollback rights, meaning I can revert multiple bad edits with one click. I mainly clean up, revert vandalism, and reformat articles. You can click here to see my edit count.

I am sometimes on IRC under the name "CoDaddict."

Medals awarded

Medal, Six Month Good Conduct Medal, Twelve Month Good Conduct

Articles created

/Custom Classes - /Music - /Quotations - /Stuff - /Sandbox

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