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"Someone just took down our Predator! Be Advised! The Predator is offline! I repeat, the Predator is offline!"
James Ramirez

Hi! I'm a big fan of the Call of Duty series. I want to make this wiki great so don't vandalize it. If you also feel the same, join and make good edits. If you need help or have questions, put it on my talk page and I will try to help you. I mostly edit this wiki but you'll sometimes find me editing other wikis, I'm an admin on the Made up characters wiki. I'm part of a clan called Big.

Ribbons[edit | edit source]

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game name[edit | edit source]

All of my games are for the PC and the Nintendo DS. My steam account name is Delta 2-4.

Cod1-FM[edit | edit source]

"Playing big varietys!"

"Extraction point" by Hans Zimmer.

Friends[edit | edit source]

Userboxes[edit | edit source]

WaW Perk Weapon Flamethrower.png This user loves the M2 Flamethrower
Call of Duty 4 This user has beat Call of Duty 4 on Veteran.
Shepherd.PNG This user hates Shepherd!

WikiMonobook.png This user has been a member of the Call of Duty Wiki since 1/29/09!
US Army OF-12.png This user would love to become an admin.
Pc.jpg This user plays COD on PC, but couldn't care less about whose system is "better". (Play the game on your system and enjoy it, there's no need to insult everyone else's system of choice)
AC-130 inventory icon MW2.gif This user has Rollback!
click link This user can Time Travel !

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