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Black Ops Story (AMR's) Edit

Name: Todd Clark

Nickname: "Private"

Rank: Pfc.

Affilitaion before Black Ops: Marines

Weapons: Modified XM177/w 15 inch cold hammer forged barrel, Experimental Reflex Sight, Suppressor, Foregrip, RIS, Folding stock, Polymer and fiberglass reciever and trigger assembly, Gas piston system

Equipment: China Lake NATIC, XM177, Claymore, C4

Role: engineer, demolitions

My Online Adventures Edit

MW2: 9th Prestige Lvl. 70

Black Ops (as of Nov. 26, 2010) lvl. 49

Black Ops Classes Edit

Primary: Commando

Attachment: Dual Mags

Secondary: ASP

Attachment: n/a

Lethal Grenade: Frag

Special Grenade: Concussion Grenade

Perk 1: Flak Jacket

Perk 2: Sleight of Hand

Perk 3: Marathon

Primary: Skorpion

Attachment: Extended Mags

Secondary: CZ75

Attachment: Full Auto

Lethal Grenade: Frag

Tactical Grenade: Concussion Grenade

Perk 1: Flak Jacket

Perk 2: Sleight of Hand

Perk 3: Marathon

MW2 Classes Edit

Versatility: Primary Weapon: ACR/w Red Dot Sight

Secondary Weapon: Stinger

Equipment: Semtex (You may want a Claymore if your teammate's being a retard)

Special Grenades: Stun Grenades

Perks: Scavenger Pro

Stopping Power Pro

Commando Pro (steady aim pro)

Scout Sniper: Primary Weapon: Intervention/w heartbeat sensor or thermal scope

Secondary Weapon: .44 magnum/w tactical knife

Equipment: Claymore (C4 if you want to)

Special Grenade: Smoke Grenade

Perks: Sleight of Hand Pro

Stopping Power Pro

Steady Aim Pro

Assassin: Primary Weapon: Vector/w Silencer Secondary Weapon: USP.45/w silencer

Equipment: Semtex

Special Grenades: Flashbangs

Perks: Scavenger Pro

Cold Blooded Pro

Commando Pro

Long Range Assault (a.k.a my main weapon): Primary Weapon: SCAR-H/w Extended Mags

Camo: Red Tiger

Secondary Weapon: Stinger

Equipment: Claymore

Special Grenades: Stun Grenades


Scavenger Pro

Cold-Blooded Pro

Ninja Pro

LSW (Light Support Weapon): Primary Weapon: MG4/w Grip

Equipment: Claymore

Special Grenade: Smoke Grenade

Perks: One Man Army Pro

Stopping Power Pro

Ninja Pro


Thompson/w round drum

grenade: Frag

special grenade: smoke

Perks: Bandolier


Extreme conditiong

Pimp My Gun Edit


Modular Assault Weapons System

Weapon Analysis Edit

Here, I show off what happens with each weapon in the game.

Assault Rifles:

SCAR-H: A 7.62 mm battle rifle. In the game, it is capable of firing 590-630 rounds per minute. It does 30-40 default damage, stopping power increases this to around the 40-50 area meaning 2-3 shot kills always. It is the 3rd most damage outputting weapon per second out of all the assault rifles.

M4A1: A 5.56 mm assault rifle. In the game, it fires at 850 rounds per minute and does 20-30 default damage

TAR-21: An Isreali 5.56 mm assault rifle. In the game, it fires at 750 rounds per minute and does a frightening 30-40 damage, this makes it the most powerful assault rifle, though, the accuracy is very bad.

ACR: An American-made 5.56 mm assault rifle. In the game, it fires at 750 rounds per minute and does an average 20-30 damage. The interesting things is that the weapon has no recoil at all and the accuracy is better than a sniper rifle.

AK-47: A 69 year old Russian Assault rifle (by the time modern warfare 2 takes place) designed by Mikhail Kalishkonov. The AK has 30-40 damage and fires at 700 rounds per minute.

FAL: A semiautomatic battle rifle doing 30-40 damage. It has low recoil and the red dot sight does not hit directly where you aim it.

M16A4: A three round burst weapon. The bursts fire almost instantaneously making this a good close quarters weapon and a long range killer. Does 30-40 damage and if all 3 rounds from a burst hit, the outcome is a one trigger pull kill.

FAMAS: A three round burst weapon. The bursts take almost half a second to reset, but the bursts fire about quarter of the time quicker than the M16A4's bursts leading to quicker one trigger pull kills. Does 30-40 damage.

F2000: A fully automatic weapon. The gun fires a little over 900 rounds per minute. This leads to a very innacurate gun in fully automatic settings. If you fire it semi-automatically, the accuracy is about sniper's range.

SMG (Submachine Gun):

MP5k: A fully automatic SMG with moderately high recoil. The MP5k fires at around 800-850 rounds per minute and does 20-30 damage with each shot and a hgih magazine capacity.

UMP.45: A fully automatic SMG with rather low recoil. The UMP.45 fires a .45 ACP (same round as the Thompson Submachine Gun) and has a rather low rate of fire of 600-650 RPM.

Vector: A fully automatic SMG with low recoil and blazing rate of fire. The Vector fires the same round as the UMP.45, but does way less damage. It has a blazing rate of fire of 1000 rounds per minute being the fastest firing weapon behind the PPSH-41.

P90: An SMG with moderately low recoil. The P90's ammunition is unique as it fires the 5.7 by 28 mm round. It fires 800-850 rounds per minute and has a high ammo capacity (50 rounds).

Mini-Uzi: An SMG that fires around 900 rounds per minute. The Uzi fires the 9 by 19 Parabellum and boasts high accuracy and a rather high magazine count of 32 rounds.

LMG (Light Machine Gun):

L86 LSW: An Automatic support LMG in a bullpup (magazine behind the trigger) position. The magazine boasts 100 rounds that do 40 damage each. The recoil is tremendous if fired fully automatically and it boasts its own unique optic called the SUSAT scope.

RPD: An automatic LMG with a 100 round drum and a tremendous reload time, 10 seconds, longer with the heartbeat sensor. The gun has pretty low recoil and is recommended for going on fully automatic settings. Each bullet does 40 damage without stopping power.

MG4: A automatic LMG with 100 rounds in its belt. It does 30 damage and fires about 800 rounds per minute. It has EXTREMELY low recoil and is like an ACR with more ammunition and a higher rate of fire.

AUG HBAR: A automatic light support weapon. The game incorrectly notes this as an LMG rather when it is a Heavy Barrelled Automatic rifle. It does 40 damage and is in bullpup configuration. The AUG is an assault rifle in real life and the ingame version is just an AUG with a heavy barrel. It has moderate recoil and high power with a fast reload time.

M240B: An automatic LMG that fires the 7.62 round. The M240 is a heavy light machine gun that fires about 850 rounds per minute and does 30 damage per shot. Reload time is averagely long and it has surprisingly low recoil.

Sniper Rifles:

Intervention: A sniper weapons system produced by CheyTac of America. It fires the new .408 CheyTac round and is the only bolt action weapon in the ENTIRE game. The recoil is surprisingly low and it can kill from anywhere from the head down to the groin.

Barrett.50 Cal: An anti-material sniper rifle that is semiautomatic and kill from the same areas as the Intervention. It fires the unusually large .50 BMG round.

Walther WA2000: A semi-auto sniper rifle with low recoil and generally lower power due to the multipliers. The WA2000 kills from the head to the chest. IT is in Bullpup configuration and therefore boasts longer reload times than other sniper rifles.

M14/M21 EBR: The game incorrectly names this the M21 EBR, it is the M14 EBR. The M14 EBR is a semi-auto sniper rifle that can kill from the head down to the chest. It has low recoil.

Riot Shield: A translucent shield that offers any form of protection to wherever the user aims it. It blocks any type of small arms fire and can never get destroyed.

Secondary Weapons:


USP.45: A semi-auto handgun with high visual recoil and high power.

.44 Magnum: A semi-auto revolver with high power and low ammo capacity.

M9: A semi-auto handgun with high magazine capacity (15 rounds) and low recoil, but shorter range.

Desert Eagle: A semi-auto handgun with high recoil and 7 rounds in the magazine.

Machine Pistols:

PP2000 (often abbreviated to PP2k): A quiet machine pistol with low recoil and a low magazine capacity(20 rounds). NOTE: When pulling out the PP2000 at first, you will have to pull the safety to use.

G18: A machine pistol with a hgiher rate of fire than some SMG's. It has high recoil and shooting at long range is highly not recommended unless doing so semi-automatically, a make shift machine Gun when the user's primary weapon runs empty.

M93 Raffica: A machine pistol that fires in 3-round bursts allowing it to reach exceedingly high rates of fire, but a drawback being it is semi-automatic. It will kill in one burst and is highly prized by snipers.

TMP (Tactical Machine Pistol): A machine pistol that fires extremely quickly and has no recoil, but has a drawback of only 15 rounds, combined with its low power (20-30 damage), it is usually only seen by players who have prestiged multiple times due to the fact that most experienced players can handle the low magazine capacity.


AT4: A single shot rocket launcher with high splash damage and high accuracy.

Thumper: A grenade launcher that has high splash damage and comes with iron sights.

Stinger: An anti-aircraft missile launcher that can only be used on airborne killstreaks, it requires lock-on.

Javelin: An anti-everything missile launcher than can lock on to vehicles and act like a mini-predator missile.

RPG-7: A rocket propelled grenade launcher with an extreme splash damage and extreme innaccuracy.


SPAS-12: A pump-action shotgun with high accuracy and long range.

AA-12: A magazine-fed automatic shotgun with low capacity (8 rounds). It fires around 400rounds per minute and is an excellent room clearing weapon.

Striker: A semi-automatic shotgun with a capacity of 12 shells in its drum magazine.

Ranger: A double-barreled shotgun with a sawn-off barrel. It has tremendous range due to the fact that both barrels can be fired at the same time. It can be dual wielded.

M1014: A semi-automatic shotgun with a range defeating all weapons and is sort of on par with the SPAS-12, it holds 4 shells in its magazine and has a firecap.

Model 1887: A lever-action shotgun with a slow fire rate, but incredible range. After the patch though, the akimbo model 1887 has been patched and has a really short range now. A single model 1887 has tremendous range even beating some machine pistols.


Frag Grenade: An average M67 fragmentation grenade that has a small explosive radius, but allows the user to set some make-shift traps due to the physics that are invloved with it. You can cook the grenade.

Semtex: A sticky bomb with a 3 second fuse.

Blast Shield: A shield that protects the user from explosive weapons from all sides.

Throwing Knife: A throwable knife that allows the user to draw the knife in .5 seconds and aim and throw. There are physics like ricocheting involved.

Tactical Insertion (often abbreviated TI): A placeable flare that allows the user to choose their respawn.

Claymore: A tripwire self-detonating mine.

C4: A placeable plastic explosive. NOTE: Requires remote detonation.

AA-12: An automatic shotgun with medium range and low ammo capacity (8 shells). It fires 12 guage shells.

Weapon Encyclopedia Edit


A 7.62x51mm battle rifle, the SCAR-H is intended to replace the M14 EBR in military service. It has a 3-position fire select - safe, semi, and auto - with a cyclic rate of approximately 625 rounds per minute. It has three barrel lengths: 13.0 inches (CQC), 15.7 inches (Standard), and 19.7 inches (Sniper Variant). It has a muzzle velocity of 2342 feet per second, equivalent to many sniper rifles. The SCAR-H weighs in at approximately 7.9-8.2 lbs., depending on the version. The SCAR-H weighs considerably more than the SCAR-L due to the larger cartidge it uses, but this is in trade for stopping power. It is equipped with a flat-top Picatinny rail that runs the length of the receiver, as well as a bottom rail and two side rails on the forend of the weapon. During the test-firing in desert "sandstorm" conditions, the SCAR-H suffered only 226 stoppages after 60,000 rounds, displaying far greater reliability than the currently-issued M4 and M16 rifles. It is being issued to the 75th Ranger Regiment and is deployed to USSOCOM units. The SCAR-H can mount a proprietary under-barrel grenade launcher, the EGLM.


A 5.56x45mm French-made assault rifle. The FAMAS is a bullpup weapon meaning that the magazine is repositioned behind the trigger allowing for a smaller weapon with a longer or identical barrel length with conventional designs. It has a rate of fire of 900-1000 rounds per minute, but it has both full-auto and 3-round burst. It was adopted by the French Army in 1977 and is 39 years old by the time of Modern Warfare 2. There are 2 variants of the FAMAS, the FAMAS F1 and the FAMAS G2. They have minor changes from each other. It has a muzzle velocity of 3,100 FPS. The FAMAS has proved extremely reliable during service times in Iraq and Afghanistan. FAMAS stands for "Fusil d'Assaut de la Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-Étienne" which means in English," Assault Rifle of the Saint-Étienne weapon factory".


A 7.62x51mm battle rifle, the FN FAL was introduced during 1951 at the beginnings of the Cold War and started a production run during 1953. The FN FAL weighs in at 9.48 pounds, it is almost 43 inches long with the stock extended. Originally made to fire the 7.92mm intermediate Kurz cartridge, it fired the 7.62 full power rifle round. The FAL fired at 650 rounds per minute on full-auto, but due to the heavy recoil, the British version, the L1A1, had the full-auto limited to semi-auto only. It was manufactured by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal (FN). Many countries had adopted the FAL, but was replaced by lighter assault rifles later. It has proven reliable during conflicts. FAL stands for "Fusil Automatique Léger" meaning," Light Automatic Rifle".


A 7.62x39mm assault rifle. The AK-47 was designed by Mikhail Kalishkonov. It fires the 7.62 intermediate cartridge and fires at 600 rounds per minute. Testing started in 1946, but was redesigned and put into service during 1947. It has a muzzle velocity of 2,346 FPS. The AK-47 has been popular due to its extreme durability. It has also been popular as a "villain's weapon" in media. Due to its low cost, rugged and reliable frame, and simplicity, it has been popular among insurgents and paramilitary groups. Ak-47 has spawned countless amounts of variants. More than 100 million AK-47's have been produced, when combined with it's variants, it has been the most produced rifle in the world.


Real name for this gun is the Tavor Assault Rifle 21st century. The TAR-21 is a bullpup weapon making it considerably shorter than the US army standard M16 series of rifles. The Tavor boasts an 18-inch barrel length and uses the proprietary MARS sight that is packaged with the gun as the Tavor boasts no metal sights of its own. The Tavor was created by the IMI of Israel; also makers of the Desert Eagle. The Tavor uses a mostly polymer body and has an ambidextrous case ejection port. The Tavor uses the NATO standard 5.56×45mm round. The Tavor is capable of accuracy of 100-1,000 meters due to its barrel length and the MARS sight. The IDF (Israeli Defense Force) is currently issued the MTAR-21 (Micro Tavor) that has a shorter 13-inch barrel and coming in at a length of barely 2 feet long (23.2 inches) making it one of the shortest carbines with a barrel length of more than 10 inches. The Rate of Fire is clocked in at 750 RPM and the muzzle velocity is consistently 2.900 FPS+.

Tactical nukes/ achievmentsEdit

Getting extended mags on the following weapons (MW2)

  • SCAR-H
  • Barrett.50 cal
  • M21 EBR
  • M9
  • P90

Tactical nuke #1:

Map: Fuel


SCAR-H/w extended mags

M1014/w red dot sight


flash grenade

Scavenger pro

Cold blooded pro

ninja pro

score: 42-9-3



chopper gunner

tactical nuke

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