Conqueror of all Zombies

aka CoaZ

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  • I live in Starlight, The Commonwealth
  • I was born on July 1
  • My occupation is Zombie Killer
  • I am the Walrus


About Me

Hello! I am Conqueror of all Zombies and my name is ironic since I don't really like zombies mode all that much any more! But I still love to kill zombies. My PSN ID is Conqurer_Of_All, so feel free to add me. I also have a Youtube channel. My name is ConquerorofallZombie. Feel free to subscribe. Want to see some cool pictures? Go here or here

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The highest rounds I've been to are:


  • 14 on Nacht der Untoten (with two of my friends and one moron. I also made it to the same round solo.)
  • 18 on Verruckt (with two of my friends. Unfortunately we were sent back to round 1)
  • 19 on Shi No Numa (four people. I got caught reloading, one guy wasn't watching his back, the other one was caught reloading, and the last guy's controller died)
  • 27 on Der Reise (four people. I had the Bowie Knife, Ray Gun and the upgraded Thompson, and FG42. I ran out of ammo and had to sit at the back of the catwalk and watched as my team went down)
  • 23 on Kino der Toten (Three people. I was doing good, but had to leave so I could have dinner)
  • 8 on Five (solo)
  • 14 on Ascension (solo)
  • 7 on Call of the Dead (solo)
  • 10 on Shangri-La (Three people I was doing OK, but one guy left me and the other for dead and would run off on his own.)
  • 28 on iPhone (Nacht, solo)
  • 21 on Green Run
  • 19 on Die Rise (Four people. One person continuously refused to help the group, which resulted in two people quitting and me giving up. I was doing fine until round 15, where said person would randomly abandon me, leaving me to die.)
  • 21 on Mob of the Dead (four people. Played with a friend).
  • 30 on The Giant (Started with four people, but two of them refused to work as a team so they left, leaving just me and my friend.)

Exo Zombies

  • 32 on Outbreak (lol. Circle strategy in the Main Hub. Fully upgraded AMR9, S12 and a couple of upgrades on the ARX. Solo)

Nazi Zombies

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