Cpl. Wilding

aka James

  • I live in creeper
  • I was born on June 15
  • My occupation is Hopefully Lt. in the Army
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"Failure is always an option, unless you happen to be the Waffen-SS."

- Cpl. Wilding

Cpl. Wilding is a common enemy seen in Call of Duty. Having been hit in battle many times but never dying, he has earned the nickname Die Panzer, meaning "The Tank", from his comrades. He commonly uses the MP40, though is known to use a Kar98k for sniping.


The last weapon Wilding ever used: A Walther P-38

Cpl. Wilding began his Wehrmacht career enlisting in the Wehrmacht in 1937, helping to form the 1st. Infanterie Div. (mot.). He assisted the Waffen-SS in invading Poland and worked in Der Reise for a while before being transferred to the French front, invading the Netherlands. This is where he got his infamous nickname of "Die Panzer". He also proved to his superiors that he is more than capable of both sniping and holding his own. He proved this by grabbing a dead sniper's rifle, shooting not only the enemy sniper who killed him but also taking out a brigade of Dutch infantry using only a Kar98k with both the rounds taken from the Wehrmacht sniper and his own rounds. He did this all without the support of his division.

He also invaded Belgium and Paris, serving in the Battle of Paris. Afterwards he went back to Der Riese and helped Dr. Richtofen with his experiments, being transferred from the smae unit with him. He was then chosen to take part in Operation Fall Barbarossa.

After serving in the initial Stalingrad assault, he was transferred to Africa, where he battled in El Alamien, then El Daba. After the Afrika Korps were kicked out from Africa, he was transferred to the D-Day landings, where he drove Cpl. Taylor's squad back to the Pointe, retreating after being the first one to see the Allied reinforcements. Out of the several hundred thousand men that were brought to D-Day, he was one of the few survivors.

"Die Panzer" met his end at the Reichstag. After Dimitri Petrenko began to plant the flag, he saw his opportunity and shot Dimitri with the last round in his Walther P-38. Sgt. Reznov then sliced him in the back, paralyzing him until Reznov stabbed him, finally killing him and bringing down "Die Panzer" forever.  

About meEdit

"Jamie wants big boom."
— Adam Savage/Jamie Hyneman

Who am I? I am a self-proclaimed sociopathic wargaming German/Irish/Welsh/English/Scottish (yes I really do have that mix) 16-year-old theatre geek that wants to join the military. Cool story, eh?! Being Scottish, once I set my mind on an opinion, you're gonna need a tank and a tactical nuke to make me move away from it. Online, I can be seen by the names apostalworker (Steam/PS3), Your_Own_Stupidity (Steam), Bomb Throwing Drunk (Steam), Force-A-Nem (Steam) and rarely SirBaggsQHeadington (Steam). Also, I hate with a burning passion people who thing RPG stands for "Rocket Propelled Grenade". In Russian, it's actually Handheld Anti-tank Grenade Launcher, it would be written as Ручной Противотанковый Granatomyot in Russian.

I am now the proud owner of a new digital camo field jacket, complete with gold bar (Lt.) U.S. flag, 3rd Armored Spearhead, MACV-SOG and a Vietnam Memorial patch/es. I liek to make the joke that I'm looking more like a paramilitary every day with both the new jacket and kneepads I now own.

Yeah. Warheads =/= grenades.

Zombies! Edit

"Farmer Joe got an upgrade!"
Alex Martin Rider on seeing the Model 1887s in Modern Warfare 2

Verruckt my record is set at 16.

12 on Shi No Numa, 28 on Der Reise with 4 players and 22 on NDU with four.

On Kino der Toten, my record solo is 19, party 25.

On "Five", my record solo is 13, party 17.

Germans defending Reichstag WaW

Cpl. Wilding defending the Third Reich.


"This is not a camping trip Sheila, this is WAR and I LOVE IT!"
— The Soldier discussing warfare and camping

User:Cpl. Wilding/WW2 Fanfic Gallery

User:Cpl. Wilding/WW2 Fanfic

War HistoryEdit

"Hey Nick, remember that time we ran on the coaster?"
— Ellis discussing recent events

  • Grandfather served in Korea and Vietnam with the Second Armored Division, is still alive and well (about 70)
  • Father served in the nuclear submarine program in the 80s, is still alive (duh)
  • I plan on joining the Army and becoming an armor officer.


"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit wait, yeah I did."
— The Scout

My father owns two rifles, most likely 7mm bolt-actions. In addition, my dad owns two switchblades and a butterfly knife. (think the Spy's knife in Team Fortress 2)

My grandfather owns a jungle carbine Mosin-Nagant he grabbed in Korea.

I fired a .22 revolver and a .40 Smith and Wesson Glock copy on my last trip to Georgia, and collected a .357 shell, .22 shell and a 12-gauge shotgun shell.




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