Hi! My name is Ian and I'm an avid fan of the Call of Duty series, having played the majority of titles. From my beginnings in Modern Warfare 2 to my current obsession with Black Ops III, I have knowledge of many secrets, glitches, in-game moments and campaign missions. I thoroughly enjoy and relish any moments I have to play any mode in a Call of Duty game (excluding Extinction in Ghosts). I often listen to Zombies easter egg songs along with multiplayer and campaign soundtracks as well. As I am quite new to editing this site, I do not possess much knowledge of the features and expectations, but I do have a knack for writing and a reservoir of information on the Call of Duty series. If you wish to contact me about anything, I have a Discord (DankDengar#1742). If this site has a messaging system, feel free to contact me there as well. I hope to provide valuable input and writing, and I am looking forward to contributing as much as I can to this Wiki!

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