Call of Duty[edit | edit source]

My first experience with Call of Duty was many years ago when I received the original for Christmas shortly after the release of United Offensive in 2004. I became a fan of the game, and when I discovered Big Red One for XBOX, I got that. I also received Call of Duty 2 for my birthday. Subsequently I got Call of Duty 3 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I recently got Modern Warfare 2. I defeated each Modern Warfare in about six hours each on Recruit, this is also true of CoD 2. I finished Big Red One in about eight, and CoD 3 in about 14, each on Regular. I lost CoD before I could finish it, I got to the third British mission. I still do not have Call of Duty: World At War or United Offensive.

I have never played CoD on any system beyond PC or XBOX. I hope to get a DS and the CoD games for that system so that I can improve the articles for those versions of the games.

I still do not have XBL but I hope to get it soon. My gamer tag will be Darthkenobi0.

Halo[edit | edit source]

I used to play Halo quite regularly. My first was Halo 2, soon I got Combat Evolved. I preordered Halo 3 Limited, and postordered Legendary. I got ODST shortly after its release. I have finished Halo 2 and 3 but not CE or ODST. I am best at medium-distance combat, rushing and camping in Halo are not my forte.

Gears of War[edit | edit source]

I am currently playing the original and am on the second Chapter, defending the gas station.

Top Spin 2[edit | edit source]

I am a beast tennis player in Top Spin 2. I have been in several tournaments and have achieved Young Gun rank. I am almost at 150 tournament ranking.

Battle Front[edit | edit source]

I play both Battlefronts, usually Galactic Conquest. I've never finished the campaign but my father schooled that game. Fuck year my dad and I are badass together.

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