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For those of you that haven't heard of it, Pimp My Gun is an application that allows users to create custom gun combination images. It can be very fun, and even addicting. I have used it quite a few times, this is a page on which I will post my creations. I hope you like them.


PMG 57TAC.jpgFN57 Tactical

PMG ACR15DMR.jpgACR-15 DMR PMG ACR15Tac.jpgACR-15 Tactical

PMG ACR-C.jpgACR-Compact PMG AK47 SOPMOD1.jpgAK47 SOP Mod.1

PMG AK74 SOPMOD.jpgAK74 SOP Mod. 0 PMG AK74j.jpgAK74J

PMG AK74p.jpgAK74P PMG AK101 Militiaman.jpgAK101 Militiaman

PMG AK101 Tactical.jpgAK101 Tactical PMG AK101 Warrior.jpgAK101 Warrior

PMG AKM Militiaman.jpgAKM Militiaman PMG AKX DMR.jpgAKX DMR

PMG AK47 LRSW.jpgAK47 LSW PMG AF2000 Tactical.jpgAF2000 Tactical

PMG AM4.jpgAM4 Mod.0 PMG AM16.jpgAM16 Mod.0

PMG AAR12.jpgAAR12 PMG AAR15.jpgAAR15

PMG AR10 Mk. 2.jpgAR10 Mk.2