Get your Call of Duty Pants on you entered the lovely page of Darytyg 123123!

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Hello there fellow soldier, my name is Darytyg123123 I am a massive call of duty fan, been that way since at least 2013. I am mostly just your typical editor, I do what I can where I can, so don't expect epicness from myself.

History[edit | edit source]

I first was introduced to Call of Duty in 2011 when my brother got the PlayStation 3. Then I played Modern Warfare 2, still my favourite game, and the list of games following continued. I eventually got in this order, MW3, BO1, BO2, MW1, WAW, CoD3, CoD Roads to Victory, Ghosts, Advanced Warfare, and BO3. I personally liked all of the games and finished all of them multiple times.

I was only introduced to multiplayer in late 2015 and I mostly play Advanced Warfare online. I am currently Rank 50 on WaW, 34 on MW3, 36 on BO2 and 25 on Advanced Warfare, I honestly don't play multiplayer very much.

Background information[edit | edit source]

  • My real name is Darryn Micheal Seymour.
  • I am 18 years old
  • I own all COD games but 1, 2 and Big Red One
  • I am a pacifist in real life, but I play Call of Duty ironic.
  • I am South African.
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