aka Diante

  • I live in Northen Indiana
  • I was born on January 30
  • I am Male
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About MeEdit

I'm Diante, I live in Northern Indiana. My birthday in January 30. I will not give the year. I like to play baseball and basketball. Of course I like to play video games, and of course Call of Duty. I don't have a Facebook or MySpace so don't look for me on there.

Contact MeEdit

There are several way to contact me.


Subscribe to me on youtube, PS3rocks09.

PlayStation Network UsernamesEdit

I have several PlayStation Network IDs. Feel free to add me, but if you never play with me, I WILL delete you.

  • diantegrassstain (This is my main account. I play on this one all the time)
  • DaBloopa97
  • TheFlyingVajina
  • XYa_Boii_CraCkaX

Video Games I OwnEdit

Call of Duty StuffEdit

Click here.

Favorite Sports TeamsEdit


  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Minnesota Vikings


  • Chicago Cubs
  • Texas Rangers
  • New York Yankees


  • Chicago Bulls
  • Indiana Pacers
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Any Team LeBron James is on

College SportsEdit

  • Notre Dame
  • Texas

My Sports PicsEdit

My SignatureEdit

DiantegrassstainNotreDame If you click on the green part of my name it will go to my user page. If you click on the gold part, it will go to my talk page.

My Main Friends on PlayStation 3Edit

These are my top friends on PlayStation Network (not in order)

  • wolverinefan97
  • xYa_Boi_Skillzx
  • xlKiLlahOGlx
  • shortyGOTgame07
  • Datboiiminz
  • tjberg95
  • souljaboy8
  • Aa-kdq-Aa

Websites you can find me on with my username for itEdit

Just so you don't get confused, the username is diantegrasssain. I forgot to put the "t" in there. And on youtube I don't put videos up so don't look for any.


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