Dr. richtofen

aka Mike

  • I live in Meijel --> holland
  • I was born on July 8
  • My occupation is Guns, food, CoD, living, you...
  • I am Male

Signature cod


hello, my name's mike. You can call me whatever you want, as long as it is nice. I play CoD on wii and ds


black ops: (wii)

assault rifles: ak-47, Commando, galil, aug


smg: uzi, MPL

shotgun: spas 12, stakeout

sniper rifles: psg 1

LMG: meh, I never use those

sidearm: asp, 1911

Modern Warfare [reflex]:

assault rifles: G3, G36

smg: mini uzi, ak-74u

Mini-Uzi Red Tiger CoD4

shotgun: w1200, M1014

sniper rifles: M40A3, R700


sidearms: M9, usp.45

W@W (ds)

assault rifles: sturmgewehr 44


smg: MP40, PPSH-41

smg: lanchester, type 100

sniper: Lee Enfield.

sidearm: TT-33 or m1911

Modern Warfare Mobilized:

assault rifles: AN-94, AUG-A3

smg: P90

sniper: M40A3, only one in the game

shotgun: AA-12

lmg: MG-4

sidearm: M9

Black ops [ds]

Assault rifles: Ak-47, SKS

smg: Mac10


sniper: M40, dragunov

shotgun: they're both exactly the same, so both

lmg: rpd

sidearm: mk22 mod 0

Unlocked camo's (reflex):

Gold: none yet

red tiger: Mini uzi, R700, M1014

blue tiger: mini uzi Blue tiger: M40A3, mini uzi, R700, m1014, W1200

Digital: Mini uzi, R700, M40A3, G3, G36, m1014


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