Who: EON_8, EON8, EON8ight, et al.

What: 18-year-old (currently) programmer, level designer, photographer, and musician. I've done a good amount of work in CoD2Radiant and CoD4Radiant. Fluent in Java, highly knowledgeable in C#, and more or less knowledgeable with C and C++. Also, PHP and MySQL.

When: First started playing Call of Duty around 2006.

Where: As of now (November 2012), studying computer science at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

What I'm up to: Passing classes. Also: Co-developing Super Mario War: Stomp Arena in Java with a proprietary game engine, writing a top-down Pokemon-esque game engine in C++ with SDL, possibly collaborating with the denizens of /x/ to create a horror game. In the meantime, also creating experimental/extreme music with nothing but effects pedals and a mixer.

My personal site (I'm a comp sci major, not a media major): [1]

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