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<!-- Warning: Editing this page will be harmful to your health. -->
{{topright|[[File:WaW 2ndLT.png|40px|2nd Lieutenant]][[File:Emblem-toon-price-1.jpg|30px|Sysop]]}}
{{Users with rights}}
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''Dynamic text userbars'' (meaning that when I go on XBL, it'll say I'm '''online'''.)
Currently: '''ACTIVE'''
Hey, I'm EightOhEight, a sysop here. I play Call of Duty on the 360, and when I have time, I also make userbars, renders, and landscapes.
I'm a big fan of shooters, and you'll usually catch me playing one. I'll give out my gamertag if someone requests it.
I'm on [ IRC] a lot of the time, so if you want to ask me something in private or just chat, I'll be there.
I'm also an active editor on the Battlefield wikia, and a sysop on the Army of Two wikia.
You can check out any major changes that I'm planning my [[User:EightOhEight/Sandbox|my sandbox.]]
I was also elected User of the Month for April 2010.
I'm part of two usergroups, [[Usergroups:SPAS-12 Lovers|SPAS-12 Lovers]] and [[User:EightOhEight/The 10000 Gamerscore Club|The 10k Gamerscore Club]].
===Wikis I Edit===
* Call of Duty Wikia - '''Sysop, IRC Operator'''
* Army of Two Wikia - '''Sysop'''
* Battlefield Wikia - Active Editor
* Ghost Recon Wikia - Inactive Editor
=== Want a image? ===
Do you want a userbar, userbox, or signature?
Just ask me on my talk page, and I'd love to make one for you.
I render for game projects, which can be found on multiple wikis:
* [ Sierra Company] - Sierra Company, a modern FPS. Staff positions are currently open.
* [ Project Zulu Hour] - Project Zulu Hour, a post-apocalyptic FPS. Staff positions are currently open. Game is headed by [[User:Griever0311|Griever0311]]
* [ Fatal Pursuit] - Fatal Pursuit, a futuristic tactical 3PS/RPG. Staff positions are currently open.
* [ The Flood Fire Wars] - The Flood Fire Wars, a futuristic 3PS/RPG. Staff positions are currently open. Game headed by [[User:Darthkenobi0|Darthkenobi0]]
<gallery widths="120">
Medal, User of the Month.png|Medal of Editing - May 22, 2010
Medal, Six Month Good Conduct.png|Six Months of Good Conduct - May 23, 2010
Medal, Green Heart with Oak Leaf.png|Green Heart with Oak Leaf - June 1st, 2010
Medal, Antivandalism Work.png|Antivandalism Award - June 12th, 2010
Medal, User Helpfulness.png|User Helpfulness - June 12th, 2010
I am the creator of many contests. The ongoing ones right now are the:
[[User_blog:EightOhEight/A challenge to all wikians.|Undercover - MW2 Challenge (The Supreme Trials)]]
The finished ones can be found at:
[[User:EightOhEight/PMG Contest I|Pimp My Gun Contest I]]
[[User_blog:EightOhEight/PMG Contest II|Pimp My Gun Contest II]]
All contest winners usually receive a userbar, userbox, and recognition.
Punch2YourFace - Pimp My Gun Contest I
Cpl. Esquire - Pimp My Gun Contest II
==Call of Duty Statistics==
* [[Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare]] - 5th Prestige, 2nd Lt.
* [[Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2]] - 2nd Prestige, Sergeant II
==What I've Done as an Administator==
*Created a newsfeed
*Blocked various vandals
*Created [[Call of Duty Wiki:Usergroups]]
==What I've Done for the Community==
*Welcomed 23 users
*Created three War Room topics, three of which have been passed.
*Fixed the IP "Flip Sanderson" problem
*Created a userbar for Callofduty4
*Created a userbar for SaintofLosAngelesXD(m)
*Created a userbar for Griever0311
*Created a userbar for WouldYouKindly
*Created a userbar for Imrlybord7
*Created a userbar for Ninoaguila
*Created various userbars for Maj.Gage
*Created a userbar for II Superlative
*Created a userbar for Poketape
*Created a [[Template:Signatures/IIHII|signature]] for II Helljumper II
*Created a [[Template:Signatures/Cpl. Dunn|signature]] for Cpl. Dunn
*Created a [[Template:Signatures/Gman111|signature]] for Gman111
*Created a [[Template:Signatures/Doc.Richtofen|signature]] for Doc.Richtofen
*Created a [[Template:Signatures/Griever0311|signature]] for Griever0311
*Created a [[Template:Signatures/Resnov1997|signature]] for Resnov1997
*Created a [[Template:Signatures/Dark Anomaly|signature]] for Dark Anomaly
*Created a [[Template:Signatures/101st|signature]] for 101st Airborne
*Created a [[Template:Signatures/Cpt.Knutzen|signature]] for Captain Knutzen
*Created a [[Template:Signatures/Omega 8o8|signature]] for Omega8o8
*Created a [[Template:Signatures/MdDy x GMON3Y|signature]] for MdDy x GMON3Y
*Created a [[Template:Signatures/Sactage|signature]] for Sactage
*Created a [[Template:Signatures/CheezyDerek|signature]] for CheezyDerek
*Created various userboxes
|id = [[File:WA2000 MLG.png|100px]]
|id-c = #CCCCB2
|id-fc = blue
|id-s = 1
|info = This user is a designated marksman.
|info-c = #CCCCB2
|info-fc = white
|info-s = 10
|border-c = black
|border-s = 1
|id = [[File:Emblem-default.jpg|70px]]
|id-c = #CCCCB2
|id-fc = black
|id-s = 5
|info = This has beaten 8 of IW's [[Special Ops]] times.
|info-c = #CCCCB2
|info-fc = black
|info-s = 10
|border-c = black
|border-s = 5
|id = [[File:TF141.jpg|51px|link=User blog:Griever0311/Scenario Gaming - Sign up here]]
|id-c = tan
|id-fc = tan
|id-s = 1
|info = This user is the leader for the [[TF141]] Faction in the Faction Wars!
|info-c = #C3B091
|info-fc = black
|info-s = 12
|border-c = #918151
|border-s = 5
|id = [[File:Achievement emblem.png|50px]]
|id-c = darkgray
|id-fc = black
|id-s = 10
|info = This user has over [[User:EightOhEight/The 10000 Gamerscore Club|10K Gamerscore]]!
|info-c = darkgray
|info-fc = black
|info-s = 12
|border-c = black
|border-s = 2
|id = [[File:Anim-ac-130_emblem.gif|70px]]
|id-c = #CCCCB2
|id-fc = red
|id-s = 1
|info = This user likes blowing things up in style.
|info-c = #CCCCB2
|info-fc = white
|info-s = 10
|border-c = black
|border-s = 1
|id = [[File:SPAS12.png|137px]]
|id-c = grey
|id-fc = darkred
|id-s = 1
|info = This user is a [[user:Darkman 4/SPAS-12 Lovers|SPAS-12 Lover!]]
|info-c = grey
|info-fc = white
|info-s = 10
|border-c = black
|border-s = 1
{{The Enforcers}} {{clear}}
{{M1911Lover}} {{clear}}
==Contacting Me==
I have AIM, MSN, and XBL. If you ask for these, I may provide them.

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