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Dynamic text userbars (meaning that when I go on XBL, it'll say I'm online.)



Currently: ACTIVE

Hey, I'm EightOhEight, a sysop here. I play Call of Duty on the 360, and when I have time, I also make userbars, renders, and landscapes.

I'm a big fan of shooters, and you'll usually catch me playing one. I'll give out my gamertag if someone requests it.

I'm on IRC a lot of the time, so if you want to ask me something in private or just chat, I'll be there.

I'm also an active editor on the Battlefield wikia, and a sysop on the Army of Two wikia.

You can check out any major changes that I'm planning my my sandbox.

I was also elected User of the Month for April 2010.

I'm part of two usergroups, SPAS-12 Lovers and The 10k Gamerscore Club.

Wikis I Edit

  • Call of Duty Wikia - Sysop, IRC Operator
  • Army of Two Wikia - Sysop
  • Battlefield Wikia - Active Editor
  • Ghost Recon Wikia - Inactive Editor

Want a image?

Do you want a userbar, userbox, or signature?

Just ask me on my talk page, and I'd love to make one for you.


I am the creator of many contests. The ongoing ones right now are the:

Undercover - MW2 Challenge (The Supreme Trials)

The finished ones can be found at:

Pimp My Gun Contest I

Pimp My Gun Contest II

All contest winners usually receive a userbar, userbox, and recognition.


Punch2YourFace - Pimp My Gun Contest I

Cpl. Esquire - Pimp My Gun Contest II

Call of Duty Statistics

What I've Done as an Administator

What I've Done for the Community

  • Welcomed 23 users
  • Created three War Room topics, three of which have been passed.
  • Created a userbar for Callofduty4
  • Created a userbar for SaintofLosAngelesXD(m)
  • Created a userbar for Griever0311
  • Created a userbar for WouldYouKindly
  • Created a userbar for Imrlybord7
  • Created a userbar for Ninoaguila
  • Created various userbars for Maj.Gage
  • Created a userbar for II Superlative
  • Created a userbar for Poketape
  • Created a signature for II Helljumper II
  • Created a signature for Cpl. Dunn
  • Created a signature for Gman111
  • Created a signature for Doc.Richtofen
  • Created a signature for Griever0311
  • Created a signature for Resnov1997
  • Created a signature for Dark Anomaly
  • Created a signature for 101st Airborne
  • Created a signature for Captain Knutzen
  • Created a signature for Omega8o8
  • Created a signature for MdDy x GMON3Y
  • Created a signature for Sactage
  • Created a signature for CheezyDerek
  • Created various userboxes



WA2000 MLG.png This user is a designated marksman.
70px This has beaten 8 of IW's Special Ops times.

TF141.jpg This user is the leader for the TF141 Faction in the Faction Wars!
50px This user has over 10K Gamerscore!
70px This user likes blowing things up in style.
137px This user is a SPAS-12 Lover!

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Based off of CHIA-FM.
Your #1 station for reggae and soul.

Oshen: Island Warriors

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Contacting Me

I have AIM, MSN, and XBL. If you ask for these, I may provide them

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