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Ghost Spark




Dynamic text userbars (meaning that when I go on XBL, it'll say I'm online.)



Currently: ACTIVE

Hey, I'm EightOhEight, a sysop here. I play Call of Duty on the 360, and when I have time, I also make userbars, renders, and landscapes.

I'm a big fan of shooters, and you'll usually catch me playing one. I'll give out my gamertag if someone requests it.

I'm on IRC a lot of the time, so if you want to ask me something in private or just chat, I'll be there.

I'm also an active editor on the Battlefield wikia, and a sysop on the Army of Two wikia.

You can check out any major changes that I'm planning my my sandbox.

I was also elected User of the Month for April 2010.

I'm part of two usergroups, SPAS-12 Lovers and The 10k Gamerscore Club.

Wikis I Edit

  • Call of Duty Wikia - Sysop, IRC Operator
  • Army of Two Wikia - Sysop
  • Battlefield Wikia - Active Editor
  • Ghost Recon Wikia - Inactive Editor

Want a image?

Do you want a userbar, userbox, or signature?

Just ask me on my talk page, and I'd love to make one for you.


I am the creator of many contests. The ongoing ones right now are the:

Undercover - MW2 Challenge (The Supreme Trials)

The finished ones can be found at:

Pimp My Gun Contest I

Pimp My Gun Contest II

All contest winners usually receive a userbar, userbox, and recognition.


Punch2YourFace - Pimp My Gun Contest I

Cpl. Esquire - Pimp My Gun Contest II

Call of Duty Statistics

What I've Done as an Administator

What I've Done for the Community

  • Welcomed 23 users
  • Created three War Room topics, three of which have been passed.
  • Created a userbar for Callofduty4
  • Created a userbar for SaintofLosAngelesXD(m)
  • Created a userbar for Griever0311
  • Created a userbar for WouldYouKindly
  • Created a userbar for Imrlybord7
  • Created a userbar for Ninoaguila
  • Created various userbars for Maj.Gage
  • Created a userbar for II Superlative
  • Created a userbar for Poketape
  • Created a signature for II Helljumper II
  • Created a signature for Cpl. Dunn
  • Created a signature for Gman111
  • Created a signature for Doc.Richtofen
  • Created a signature for Griever0311
  • Created a signature for Resnov1997
  • Created a signature for Dark Anomaly
  • Created a signature for 101st Airborne
  • Created a signature for Captain Knutzen
  • Created a signature for Omega8o8
  • Created a signature for MdDy x GMON3Y
  • Created a signature for Sactage
  • Created a signature for CheezyDerek
  • Created various userboxes
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