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Time & Date Edit


Organisation Edit

Listings coming soon!

PS3 Edit

Xbox 360 Edit

Rules Edit

  • FFA: 10 minute matches, 30 kill limit (1500 points), core rules
    • Groups will play 5 games to decide top two to go to final (Reserve is highest-placed 3rd player)
    • Final will be 1 game with no score limit, 10 minute time limit.
    • Bonus points will not be awarded for MOABs (I received a PM in chat about this!)
  • Banned Items
    • ALL Launchers
    • Bouncing Betty, Claymore, C4
    • Scrambler, Trophy System, Tactical Insertion, Portable Radar
    • Heartbeat Sensor, Grenade Launcher, Akimbo, Rapid Fire
    • Recon, Blast Shield
    • Assault & Support Strike Packages; Recon & Blast Shield from Specialist
  • Strike Package is Specialist only, and Death Streaks are Juiced.
  • Not showing for two matches is disqualification.
  • Incivility will also result in disqualification.
(FMG9s are only OP with akimbo, MP7/Type 95 have drawbacks etc)

Eligibility Edit

To be eligible for this competition, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have an account on wiki
  • Sign up for the event
  • Own MW3!

Awards Edit


Congratulations, soldier.Edit

Medal, Tournament Participation

Thank you for participating in the 2012 FFA tournament and for showing sportsmanship throughout. Although the effort you made to get into the final was insufficient, the strength and tenacity you have shown will not go unnoticed. You have been awarded the Tournament Participation ribbon.

See you on the battlefield next time, soldier!


Congratulations, soldier.Edit

Medal, Tournament Finalist

You have proved than you are an excellent Call of Duty player in the 2012 FFA tournament by making it all the way to the finals. For this, you have been awarded the Tournament Finalist ribbon. It was an honour to have you as a worthy gladiator in this tournament.

See you on the battlefield next time, soldier!


Congratulations, soldier.Edit

Medal, Tournament Winner

Congratulations, you have reigned supreme in the 2012 FFA tournament, and emerged victorious from the chaos and bloodshed. Coming out top with such great competition is not easy, and as such, for your accomplishment you have been awarded the Tournament Winner ribbon.

See you on the battlefield next time, soldier!

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