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Old file's here, but noone cares about that.

I'm a decent stealth player and from what I hear (e.g. angry messages over PSN) I'm a fairly talented sniper.

I'm a bit of a grammar nazi and most of my edits will likely be fixes.

I am now in the clan, so I'm wearing CDWC like a boss.

I'm a gun nut, and I often become irritated when those who are somewhat ignorant about firearms put something in the article for a weapon like "When you reload a revolver, rounds fall out of the cylinder even when the revolver is empty."

I play PS3 and my username is gic1998, add me if you feel like doing so.

I will do research on aspects of a game upon request.

As for everypony trying to ban pony images, I have only this to say: Shockedanddisgusted.jpg

MAG Borderlands Modern Warfare 2
Fallout 3 Fallout: New Vegas CoD 4
Metal Gear Online BF: BC2 LittleBigPlanet 2
Red Dead Redemption Minecraft

World at War


[ ] 100 edits

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[ ] 750 edits

[ ] 1000 edits

[ ] Over nine thousand edits (What,nine thousand!?!)


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