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  • I live in New Jersey, United States
  • I was born on May 6
  • I am Male

I'm Haroldrocks. I'm not one for Userpages so I'll just put a brief summary. I was a frequent editor on Todal Drama Wiki and Pocket God Wiki before joing Call of Duty Wiki. I'm happy to be here and happy to edit. See ya' 'round the wiki.

Harold's Opinions and Good StuffEdit

This is where I post my opinions on everything. Don't take this offensively. It's just what I think. You don't have to agree if you don't. The scale is lower the number, the more I like it.


Submachine GunsEdit

5) MPL- When I first started playing Call of Duty, I played Zombies over my neighbor's house. He happened to like Five and he always told me to buy the MPL immediately. I came to trust it in Zombies in earlier rounds, and that's why I like it.

4) PM63- It shoots freakin' fast! When everyone rushs for the MP5K in Zombies, I go for the PM63. People complain it runs out of ammo too fast, I always say I can buy more. I typically don't use it in Multiplayer though.

3) Spectre- I like the gun in Zombies. It runs out of ammo fast, but I love it's upgraded name "Phantom." Feels mysterious. I love it. I keep it on my sneaky multiplayer class.

2) MP40- I only have Black Ops, but I like the MP40 in Kino der Toten a lot. I'm mad it didn't appear in Multiplayer. I love being Russian and German. I typically prefer those types of weapons.

1) Kiparis- It's a fun weapon to finally get after all the work. It just feels so...Russian.

Assault RiflesEdit

5) Enfield- I always use the Enfield after I prestiege. Until I get the Famas or another good fully automatic gun, I always use the Enfield, then ditch it later on. It's a nice gun. Nice, but not amazing.

4) Galil-My friend loves getting it out of the Mystery Box and I like it, too. It's fully automatic, strong, and holds a bunch of ammo. It fits my expectations for a good gun.

3) Famas-Famas is a lot like the AUG, which I also like. The Famas is like a dollar store version of the AUG. It's cheaper and gotten earlier, but it's still pretty decent. I like it. I like it.

2) Commando-I always associate it with America. Is it American? I don't know. It feels American. It was the first gun I Pack-a-Punched and it was flippin' sweet! I say the Commando's a-ok!

1) AUG- Definately the AUG. No doubt about it. It was the first gun (besides the M1911) I ever shot in game. When I played Zombies the first time with my friend, the first two times I used the Mystery Box I got the AUG and I loved it! That's why it's my favorite.

Shot GunsEdit

4) Stakeout- No matter what anyone says about it's range or whatever, I don't like it. Pump action is not my thing. Too time consuming. Yuck...

3) Olympia- The double barrel thing is kind of a nice change. I feel like a boss after getting a kill with it. I sometimes use it for the fun of it after prestiging.

2) HS-10- Dual Wield massivness! Multiplayer, having dual wield shot guns is cool, but hard to use. Also, in Zombies, like the Spas-12, I'll take it, but not like it.

1) Spas-12- In Multiplayer, it's the only Shot Gun I use. In Zombies, I'll take it from the Mystery Box if I get it. I'm typically not a Shot Gun guy though.

Light Machine GunsEdit

2) M60-This was really really really really close. It all came down to me putting Big Ammo on the M60. I can spray all I want, not have to reload, and somehow get kills!

1) Stoner63- It's amazing! Overall, it's a tie with the Commando, which is after my favorite weapon the AUG. It feels powerful and versitle at the same time. Best of both guns, y'know?

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