"Kill all son's a' bitches. Thats my 'ficial instructions."

- Ellis, L4D2

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Personal II Superlative 1

Hey, I'm II Superlative, I play CoD WaW, CoD4 and MW2 on 360. If you want to play me, my gamertag is the same as my username. I am from New Zealand, and its mad here, well most of the time.

Current MW2 Lvl: 59 5th Prestige

I like guns. I like researching guns and stuff, but I don't go into barrel length, year, i'm not that technical.

Groups i'm in: ATEFI, SPAS 12 Lovers, the Gun Pimpers

CoD games I have played:

- CoD2

- CoD4

- CoD WaW

- CoD MW2

- CoD Classic

What you guys think of me.Edit

Put here wha you think of me, if we're friends, if you don't like me, whatever.

Friends on the WikiEdit

Slowrider7 - Best friend on the wiki. WaW legend too.

SaintofLosAngelesXD(m) - Good friend, helps me out whenever I need it.

EightOhEight - Helped me with my userbars and a good friend.

Game favouritesEdit

World at War

  • Weapon: Arisaka
  • Perk: Stopping Power
  • Grenade: N74 St
  • SP Level: Blowtorch and Corkscrew
  • Character: Roebuck
  • MP Skin: Marine Sniper

Call of Duty 4

  • Weapon: MP5 / M40A3
  • Perk: Stopping Power
  • Grenade: M67
  • SP Level: Crew Expendable
  • Character: Griggs

Modern Warfare 2

  • Weapon: UMP45
  • Perk: Cold Blooded
  • Grenade: M67
  • Character: Cpl. Dunn
  • SP Level: The Hornets Nest


World at War:

Primary : PTRS-41

Sidearm : .357 Magnum

Grenade : N74 ST

Secondary : Signal Flare

Perk 1 : Satchel Charge

Perk 2 : Stopping Power

Perk 3 : Steady Aim

This is my usual Sniper class, for quick scoping, no scoping, and long range sniping alike.

My SignatureEdit

Porter Justice emblem MW2JUSTICE IS SERVED!T C E


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Juggernaut This user hates juggernoobs! RAMIREZ! Take down that AC-130 with a toothbrush!

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