WHTB ( We Hate Teddy Bears) ClubEdit

Hello, do you think that evil is intended in Teddy Bears in games and Real life? If you do then all you need to do is join this to meet all the standards of finding and destroying all lovers of Teddy Bears! Not really. If you have found a TB in a very strange place whether it be in CoD or another game or in real life tell your story on the Story section. ANYONE CAN JOIN! Just place your user name at the bottom of the list and add the userbox. It will show your devotion to this group and symbolize how awesome you are. I hope to see some names and the userboxes on all of your pages. Carry on. -Infected32 out.

Members (* Means Senior Captain and that you get a cookie. :))Edit

  1. Infected32 -Founder*
  2. Sgt.Safe-Sex- For the hell of it. And Teddy Bears annoy me.
  3. Dolten - I'm in, Teddy Bears piss me off.
  4. Happy Boy- Their eyes, they Follow you. /shudders
  5. CodExpert
  6. Rambo362
  7. Bravo Five-Nine
  8. ToShootToKill-Teddy Bears in mystery boxes = bad combination
  9. Qwerty- Teddy Bears are entities of EVIL
  10. Heatedpete- (to teddy bear) 'Why you little ! I'll get you!'
  11. Cpt. Riley - I hate 'em, damn little monkeys scare me.
  12. Dbx25 - Oh man. DID YOU HUST OPEN THAT DOOR?! THEN DON'T!!!
  14. Bumblebeeprime09- I seriously think that a teddy bear, when I look at one, would say "F*ck you, B*st*rd" if it could talk.
  15. Rampantlion513-Read my quotes and see why I joined.
  16. Skaterman23 - I dated a teddy bear once, now i'm in this group.
  17. Munchable901- I don't get what's the point of the bears.
  18. Alex Martin Rider- I used to have a teddy bear......but it bit my stomach. To this day I have no belly button. lol jk
  19. Gamemasta424- Teddy Bears, where do I start...... Pure Evile (Note the "e" after "Evil)
  20. Beastly20- Way too many Teddy Bears on top of highrise
  21. DarkLocustSlayer-They are scary as heck.
  22. Bennettsig 06:01, September 15, 2010 (UTC) i hate em!
  23. Deadly MoFo- If you like teddy bears,...then go f*ck yourself.
  24. Nikolai Cannot Die - Who the fuck came up with this idea?
  25. SwissArmy2010- Teddy bears suck... I'm in.
  26. butthead4 hate them(in cod at least)
  27. CODlov3er;i will drink oil,then piss on the teddy,then burn but let him alive so he will only FEEL PAIN!!!!!
  28. Thundergun 3rd Person BOAJ.BialkeTalk!Wunderwaffe DG-2 3rd Person WaW 14:33, May 12, 2011 (UTC) every time i get a fuckin teddy bear from the box it only makes me want to kill a baby.
  29. CDaLITE-They come out of nowhere with there sickle and juggernog and scare the hell out of anyone in there way



Well let's see I was walking in my laundry room and I moved some boxes. I jumped and ran as soon as I saw that dusty little face! It scared the crap out of me! Ha, that's why I hate Teddy Bears.


When I first played Nazi Zombies and got the Teddy Bear I was like "Holy shit! That's creepy." That night I heard the damn teddy laugh. Creeeepy.


The first time I saw the teddy bear, I had gotten the PPSH from the box. I went to get another weapon to trade for my Garand and the bear came out it scared the piss out of me and I sprayed my PPSH all over the box.


I was playing on Highrise when i got to the roof. "they" wer staring at me. All 7 of them. I shot all of them untill they flew off the map!


I was round my friends house on Shi No Numa and i got the teddy bear in the mystery box. I honestly shouted out shit really loud.

Another story: I was on a private s&d match on highrise with 10 people. I was on the roof on the building with 7 teddy bears with someone called t4zmania, and he started teabagging one of the teddies. It was real funny.


Was playing on Der Riese, and was defending the stairs in the left corridor room with my M1 Carbine. I needed 5 more points to open the stairs, but my team suddenly opens the stairs on the other side of the map. I run over there, get killed, lose 100 points, and my team revive me. Then had to run up the stairs, repairing windows as i run, and then managed to open the box. What do i get? a Teddy Bear. Then, the next 2 times i open the Box: Teddy Bear. Finally, my neighbour's dog throws a blasted teddy bear onto my face thick with slobber


I was playing Der Riese one day, I was stuck with a Kar98k and a 1911.Someone had an MG42, and a Ray gun,(What's wrong with that combo?)

And he also had monkey bombs.So he bought the box, and a teddy bear popped out, THEN, he bought the catwalks. And I'm


BARREL?! YOU TUPID, STUPID, IDIOT!!!11!!111! Aw man, Ima eat dis chzburgr User:Dbx25 22:20, June 16, 2010 (UTC)

Cpt. RileyEdit

I was playing Verrukt when I first got it, my whole team needed to be revived and I was out of ammo. I ran to the Mystery Box, and gaurded with my MP40 with only a few bullets left, and then I got a teddy bear. I was out off Points and ammo. I was killed seconds later.

I was on Highrise and I was getting on the roof and I saw a bunch of teddy bears. I screamed and jumped off the building.


My first match EVER of Nazi Zombies, at my cousin's house, playing on Der Riese, and it was a great game (Got to Round 15ish at the end). About to put my mic on, I opened the Mystery Box for my first time. It turns out to be a teddy bear. Thanks to me, my team had to move our perfect camping spot. Decided not to put my mic on. :P All I had to say was three letters: FML.

Deadly MoFoEdit

F*ck you, teddy! First you mock me, then take my money and leave!.....Sort of like my second girlfriend.

Nikolai Cannot DieEdit

Here I am on Kino der Toten, I head over to the Mystery Box. It's about round 22, and I get a Dragunov. Well, using awesome skillage, I no-scoped a shit-ton of zombies so I could use it again. I walk over to it, and of course it's a Teddy bear. This is how I went out while my teammates ran,"WHAT THE FU-?!?" and then I got downed.

I'm playing MW2 on the Hornet's Nest, when I shoot a television and a Teddy bear is just sitting there. I began to scream as I pulled out my Desert Eagle and unloaded into it's face.


the other day i was playing accsesion and i got a teddy bear it let a scream that scared the crap out of me


I was taking the bus home, and around the corner from my freinds house was a teddy bear, on a fence post!

Official Userbox, made by CodExpertEdit

Mushroom-cloud.jpg This user is a Proud Hater of Teddy Bears!

Code: {{WHTB}}

Requests for Senior Captain'sEdit

Okay guys, so I've been thinkin' that we'll need more people to join before we actually become an actual recreational usergroup. I nominate Munchable. Infected32-Cool Metal 18:43, July 13, 2010 (UTC)


I hate the bears with a passion.

Pictures of deadly or dead bearsEdit


I feel giddy!


Look at him, trying to intimidate you like that. You should stab him in the face!


There ya go! That's what you get for trying to intimidate me!

Doctor Richtoffee teddy bear

Teddy bears inbound

I agree, but first let me get my Colt!

Infected32 Teddy Bear in a computer

I could get to love this person.


Mutations in Chernobyl, the reason why you hear children still.

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