Welcome. I am Interforce. This is my home page. If you wish to contact me go to my talk page on Wikipedia. Otherwise, if you have a wiki that i have not yet visisted, list it as a link below.--Interforce 15:10, December 26, 2009 (UTC)Interforce


I am a big fan of war games, especially first person shooter. I love to play video games especially action. My favorite character would be Sergeant Mactavish.

About MeEdit

I like to play soccer. I am very nice and easygoing though I do get stubborn at times. I hate it when people get hurt and I HATE it when Mcdonalds makes a commercial about a movie that makes the movie look stupid, especially when it's a movie I like. I have two friends online yet but if you wish to be a friend list your username as a link below. I would say the only person I know so far is SMS1996.





My hobbies are roleplaying, writing, drawing, and playing electronics. I love roleplaying so addicting ha ha XD. It is my favorite thing to do now. If anyone wants to try it contact me on my talk page.

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