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I have a 360, gt is fitzgerald0227, i love most sports, except soccer, and love notre dame football and kentucky basketball. I like to learn about wars, but no where near an expert so i'd probably ask someone else on this wiki for questions about wars and weapons.

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Cpt.Fitz,as I will call him, is a captain in the U.S branch of the IWM, interworld military, and has been in the Vietnam War, Gulf War 1 and 2 and is now in WW3. do to the top secret IWM solution anyone injected with this solution will never age and will be able to get to superhuman capabilities in a matter of hours. Cpt. Fitz has been on the promotion list for hundreds of years but has the most respect from Gen. Schmaltz Chief of Staff of the IWM, also an old firend of Fitz's. Fitz grew up wanting to be a doctor but was drafted into the IWM at age 25 when WW3 broke out, WW3 was originally between Russia and Germany then every country got draged into it also most of the weapons used today are used in it as well. the IWM's enemy is the EWM, European world military, they are the only one that can stop the IWM. Now grab your popcorn and sit back and get ready to listen in on Cpt. Fitz's heroic fight at the Battle of Cromwell (and that is Cromwell, CT)

Battle of CromwellEdit

"Sgt. Belger get that M249 going now, they're at the Lowe's down the street." Cpt. Fitz yelled

as enemy G36's shoot at them.

"i've got 4 enemy sniper teams going up the hill side i'll try to get them they look like the German's new HK SH-5 soldiers though im sending in Powell's company to take them out, sir" Sgt. Matyka said over the radio.

as soon as Sgt. Matyka got off the radio Belger got the M249 going and started to mow down EWM soldiers. ( that are the non-HK SH-5's). Cpt. Fitz got his squad, QMBSOY: Quick Moving Beat the Shit Out of You, flanking the enemies along the wooded area to the south. Just then a bullet gets close enough to shave fitz's face and rips through Pvt. Gagnon, lets just say he died instantly, Fitz orders his QMBSOY to get down and turn on their camo. Cpl. Beskovic crawled over to Fitz and asked where the enemies were while pulling out his R700 and adjusting the scope.

"On the roof of the cottage about 2 clicks ahead." whispered Fitz

then in an instant the two enemy snipers dropped like flies

"GOT'EM!" yelled Cpl. Beskovic

and just like that QMBSOY got up and started moving toward their objective. Meanwhile in Sgt. Powell's company they came under fire from the SH-5's and are at a stand still

"we need you to put a crater in these assholes or you are going to have to find a new friend." Powell said to an IWM bomber pilot, over the radio

"Roger that, those SH-5's will become one with the payload i'm packing." said the pilot

And just like a drunk man playing darts, he missed.

"Fuck you damn pilot you make me do everything." and just like that a mortar struck one of the SH-5's and stopped another one from working. That was Powell's key to move and just like a well oiled machine the entire company threw grenades and layed down suppresive fired while Cpl. Duff shot an AT-4 at the others and Powell went into the non-working SH-5 and took the unconsious pilot prisoner. Then Powell set up sniper teams along the hillside. then the rest of the company moved out to try to flank the EWM from the right side. then Belger and Matyka moved up along the car infested road toward the Lowe's. then out of no where the EWM's bomber squadren appeared from their stealth cloaks and bombed the hell out of the road taking Belger's, Matyka's, and Half of Powell's companies. After Losing 2 old friends and about half of the soldiershe lead into battle Cpt. Fitz was pissed, he started to unleash QMBSOY like bats out of hell, they went left, they went right they became the EMW's wrost fear, they didnt need the snipers they ran and fired their guns.

"Powell you should see how these M16's and SCAR's work together, they are great." said Fitz over the Radio

"ya ya i got my own fight over he......................." the radio went blank.

Fitz checked his Squad Moniter System and saw no heart beat from Powell.

"Fuckin EMW's im gunna kick the ever lovin shit out you!" Fitz yelled

........................................... 4 Hours later the death toll has been every one on the IWM except QMBSOY and a squad of Sh-5's for the EMW.....................................................

As the sun set over cromwell the doors to the SH-5's opened and out stepped EMW soldiers

"what are they doing" thought Fitz as he switched over to night/thermal vision and relized that the suits' interior was over 200 degrees fahrenheit. Tom relized it was his time to move he ran hoping to catch them off gurad but it turned out disatorious, Fitz and one of the EMW soldiers were the only ones to get out alive. they started in hand to hand combat. after 10 minutes of a stalemate the enemy soldier caught Fitz off guard and got him to the ground, and just before he was about to come down on Fitz with his knife a bullet went through the back of his head and Fitz heard Powell's voice over the radio

"guess the instructor at the sniper school got my sharpshooting skills wrong, huh?"

"its damn good to hear your voice, man"

"Schmaltz, we need the IWM's clean up and tagging companines, it went horribly wrong, but if you had to call it a win it was a win."

"alright Fitz, i'll be there in a few minutes to help."

then Fitz and Powell started to build a monument of all the fallen soldiers. and when that was complete Fitz started to walk to the wooded area and built QMBSOY's own monument

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