• I live in USA!
  • I was born on March 21
  • I am Male

Hey I'm JDB449. I have played COD for years and have followed this website for years. The cods I own are: COD 4, w@w, MW2, black ops, and MW3. I am also awesome at zombies. I have prestiged in all cods except world at war (work in progress). My gold guns in MW3 are P90 (spray90) and the M4A1. I'm currently working on the MP7 and UMP45. I am in the clan QuickScopeNation. You can check us out on the 100 is required becasue the name by itself is taken. Well I also play halo so I'm on both sides. Here are my zombies rounds:

Nacht: 26

Verrukt: 20

Shi: 16

Der riese 80 (iPod)

Kino 31

Five 18

Ascension: 20 (just got map)

Call of the dead: 8 (got killed while getting quick revive)

Shangla ra: TBA

Moon: 21

My favorite cod is MW2


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