aka Jere

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on February 7
  • My occupation is Game Deisgn and Guitar Player
  • I am Male

Hey listen link!

Hey there I am Jererulz (juspate on PSN). I'm a gamer, musician, actor and game designer.

100 things Jererulz hates about Black Ops.

  1. Lag
  2. Overpriced Map Packs
  3. the nooby piss sprayer
  4. Sniper's (there crap)
  5. The ak74u
  6. Non stacking killstreaks
  7. Nuketown
  8. Any DLC maps
  9. RC XD
  10. Victor Reznov
  11. Dragovich
  12. Steiner
  13. Krevshenko
  14. all must die
  15. Dmitri's death
  16. Alex Mason
  17. Bowman
  18. Hudson
  19. Weaver
  20. Silencers on Snipers make it even worse
  21. Ghost
  22. Ninja
  23. Sight of Hand with Grip ak74u
  24. Kids who useGhost/SOH/Ninja famas silenced with tomahawk, ballistic knife and claymores.
  25. Kids
  26. Richtofen
  27. Sam
  28. Lack of Velociraptors in Zombies
  29. People who play music down the mic
  30. People who dont communicate when they have mics
  31. Wiki events
  32. Clan events
  33. Clans
  34. MLG
  35. MLG whore's
  36. Kids who think there MLG
  37. Tomahawk's
  38. Ballistic Knifes
  39. No good customisation (brink style)
  40. Lack of hats
  41. Lack of classes (like engineer and medic)
  42. Lack of team work
  43. People who takes this game way to seriously
  44. Idiotic kids
  45. Boosters (it still happens)
  46. Graphics
  47. Nalpam Zombie
  48. People who dont use mics
  49. People who have strelas but use them up on spy planes when there is a HIND killing everyone else
  50. People who say BF3 is better on a COD game
  51. Pink love heart weapons
  52. Porn images on COD
  53. Twin tower images on cod
  54. Nazi emblems on COd
  55. People who only talk about 2 girls one cup
  56. Peopl who are racist
  57. People who think they slept with my mum
  58. People who say i suck regardless of how I do (i.e I am coming first with 23 kills and they have no kills and 50 deaths.)
  59. People who sound like Justin Bieber
  60. Aug
  61. Semtex
  62. Nova gas
  63. Motion sensors
  64. Dogs
  65. I can only run for 3 seconds
  66. People who have no life on Cod
  67. People who talk about porn on Cod
  68. People who are under the influence on COD
  69. People who hate this number
  70. Kids who dont know what the word sex is yet fire of the word faggot like a homophobic machine gun.
  71. People who say that Xbox is better on account of shitty cod DLC's
  72. Battletrolls
  73. Halotrolls
  74. Flamewars
  75. Vorkuta
  76. Castro y u no die!
  77. People who use shitty overused emblems
  78. Hate all the classified weapons
  79. People who hack
  80. People who insta prestige
  81. People who "MOD"
  82. People who say COD IS DA BEST 1`1!!!!111!!
  83. People who say COD is shit
  84. People who argue over useless shit on COD
  85. People who hate Warlord
  86. Frank woods
  87. Takeo
  88. Tank Dempsy
  89. Paradise
  90. Call of the Dead
  91. George Romero
  92. 'Sarah '(call of the dead)
  93. 'Robert '(call of the dead)
  94. The mexican dude (call of the dead)
  95. 'That other dude '(call of the dead)
  96. People who yell out you Just lost the Game!
  97. No prequel single player DLC
  98. Josh Olin
  99. People who think they can fight me
  100. Lack of Reward
  101. No zombie game by Treyarch.

35 things I Hate about Modern Warfare 1/2/3:

1. What kind of name is Soap?

2. Gaz

3. Generic Story

4. Who the hell is Mac?

5. Macmillan.

6. Nuke Killstreak

7. Killstreaks

8. Hacks

9. Kids

10. Campers

11. 10th prestige on day one

12. Prestige Lobbys

13. People who use FMG 9's

14. Support pointstreak has carpet bomber.

15. Sgt. Folley

16. Commando

17. Stopping Power

18. Juggernaut

19. One Man Army

20. Overpriced DLC's

21. Lack of Destruction

22. Lack of vehicle combat

23. Lack of team work

24. Lack of Classes (Medic, Engineer)

25. Deathspots on maps

26. Infected

27. Team Defender

28. Hardcore Riochet

29. Racist's

30. Sexsist's

31. People who think they have had sex with my Mum

32. People who think I am gay

33. Kids who won't shut up and keep saying "Faggot" over and over.

34 ^This but they sound like Justin Bieber

35. People who say Cod has a great story.

If you have any questions or want to add me on PS3 then dont be afraid just do it.

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