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FYI Most of the time I am a horrible speller and have very bad grammar! So if you see any mistakes, go ahead and correct them.

Playstation 3 Network

Main PSN ID: Knotdead_Yett
Secondary : Mr_NutKracker

I mainly use Knotdead_Yett, I just created the second one for when I am bored and want to play as a newbie. Nothing beats going into the game as a level 4 with no prestige and everyone thinking they are going to cream you and at the end of the game you come out ahead with 15+ kills and under 4 deaths.

Clan Tags

FAHQ : Means Full Assault on HQ or How it sounds, but mostly how it sounds. Is made up of close friends and family.
CDWC : Call of Duty Wiki Clan, Member as of 07/15/2010.

History Behind the Names

Knotdead Yett

The name Knotdead Yett Came to be after a few months of playing Everquest in 1999. Decided to try a paladin after dueling and getting my butt handed to me as a monk for the 10th time in a row. I came to the conclusion that they cant be killed! So I made a Dwarf Paladin and called him Knotdead Yett. After awhile people got mad at me and my name, becuase in duels and arena's I would always win. Some where quick and some lasted along time from 10minutes to when ever they gave up and left. Only lost a few times to a friend who was a Treehugging Ranger and his bow. Longest fight was about 1hour, we were same level and close to same gear. it was Purple/Pink Armored Pally (Me) vs. Gold Pally. And the name continued on to Everquest 2.

Mr. Nutkracker

This was my 3rd character to be made in Everquest. He was a Wood Elf Ranger named Swiifty Nutkracker. The last name came from friend of mine (who I was trying to get into the game so I had few people to play with) who was watch me play and said "All your arrows are hitting them in the nuts, should of called him nutbuster." So at Level 20 picked my lastname Nutbuster, 2hours later GM's sent me a tell saying the name was not appropriate. So I asked him "If I could have Nutkracker?" He said "That be a better one and would be appropriate." FYI he also kicks people in the nads...

Modern Warfare 2 Classes

Will Update this Section soon as I hit 10th Prestige.


Niik40 :) thanks for talking to the new guy.


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