aka chris

  • I live in a house...what else?
  • I was born on August 11
  • My occupation is beast CoD player
  • I am male

clan quotesEdit

"come get some!"

-Clan member at the incoming infected on mission

"a quickscopoe a day keepsthe n00b-tubes away!"

-me on quickscopes

"1 bullet,2 killed"

-clan leader on snipes

WIKI quotesEdit

"So I would say, the MSR."

-crunchastic on the best sniper rifle

"it's panzer"

-firebird on the best pony

Goals for wiki'sEdit

  1. make 100 edits
  2. make 200 edits
  3. make 300 edits
  4. make 1000 edits
  5. edit someone else's page
  6. create a page
  7. be on the wiki for a year
Nazi Zombie Christmas Song

Nazi Zombie Christmas Song

  1. become a chat moderator
  2. become an admin.
  3. get 10 people to look at firebirds page
  4. become a pony
  5. Make 5 pages


PCxZR.png This user has gotten to round 40 in Nazi Zombies!
Survival Mode Screenshot 1 This user has got to round 30 in Survival Mode!
Modern Warfare 2 cover This user loves Modern Warfare 2!
SPAS-12 menu icon MW2 This user knows the SPAS-12 has too much power.
KSG 12 Menu Icon MW3 This user loves the KSG 12!
Menu mp weapons l96a1 This user loves the L96A1!
M4A1 menu icon MW2 This user loves the M4A1!
ACR menu icon MW2 This user is an ACR addict.

Ghost headshot This user's favorite character is Ghost!
q1iEK.png I'm sexy and i know it


my clan is BriSI,in honor of someone u don't know.send me a message or somethin', and i will tell you everything awesome.videos,like halo vs. cod,and stuff.

***clan news*******Edit

our clan has progressed into Indie game 'Total miner:Forge'. we have created VIP areas,sentry turrets,dining rooms,and a jacuzzi while making the clan house. you will be gained acces once into our clan,and into the mansion,which has locked doors set to brisi clan only(yes,you can do that). we also have a video game room,and a TV

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