aka 'Dave', 'Laz' or Dan

  • I live in Derby, England
  • I was born on August 20
  • My occupation is I'm not even sure at this point
  • I am Male


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  • Yo.  GYKM9PK.jpg feargmtalk  19:56, July 17, 2014 (UTC)


Personal Mywife


  • CoD 4: Level 1 (Never Played)
  • WaW: Level 44
  • MW2: Level 15
  • BO1: Prestige 6 Level 30
  • BO1 Combat Training: Level 50
  • MW3: Prestige 2 Level 77
  • MW3 Survival/Spec Ops: Level 50
  • BO2: Master Prestige
  • BO2 Zombies: Knife Through Skull
  • CoDG: Prestige 10 Level 60 (Max)
  • CoDG Extinction: Prestige 17 Level 8
  • CoDAW: TBA

Userboxes & Stuph

Talk About being Overzealous with Userboxes huh...

Personal Callofduty4 441px-Playstation3vector.svg
This user owns a PlayStation 3.

PSN logo free This user's PSN ID is DAUK_1996.
' This User got up to round 24 on Nacht Der Untoten with 4 players

Treyarch logo This user thinks Treyarch is a better developer than Infinity Ward.

Personal SXe Fiend Achievement Hunter Logo This user is an Achievement Hunter.

Personal VICE xRebelion ANti Boost This user is a Designated Booster hunter!

Origins poster BOII This user absolutely loves the Zombies map Origins!

Zombie 2 This User got up to round 20 on Shi No Numa with 2 players

MapPack2 This user is a Zombie Slayer!

PCxZR.png This user has gotten to round 40 in Nazi Zombies!

UWFRw.jpg This user loves Der Riese!

Survival Mode Screenshot 1 This user has got to round 30 in Survival Mode!

Default sniper scope reticle This user hates Quick-scoping!


Gold Camouflage single player menu icon BOII
This user has earned Gold Camos on All Guns in Black ops 2 & Ghosts

Gold M16A4 in MW3 2 Times

Diamond EVERYTHING in Black Ops 2

Gold EVERYTHING in Ghosts


  • WaW: 50/65
  • MW2: 21/51
  • BO1: 57/71
  • MW3: 44/51 (Regular only)
  • BO2: 97% of Regular (Bloody Tower of Babble) 29/41 DLC
  • Ghosts: 100% (DLC included)

What I Loathe: ┌∩┐(ಠ_ಠ)┌∩┐

  • Tryhards
  • Quickscopers
  • OP Weapons that EVERONE USES that don't get nerfed (i.e Honey Badger, Ripper, AN-94 etc.)
  • Squeakers (Kids on Mic that won't shut up, the number of those i have muted...)
  • Dropshotters
  • Timing Out when i do REALLY well...
  • My internet (unrelated but it is the root of all evil.......and lag)
  • Corner Campers (Who even likes those guys)
  • SMG's being better than Snipers
  • People who complain about snipers Hardscoping, THAT's WHAT YOU ARE MEANT TO DO!
  • Hackers
  • Glitchers
  • Cheats
  • That annoying text that comes up when it a hacked lobby (I don't care where you got your damn mods from!)
  • My anger issues, it costs me so much in controller spending...
  • People who think they are funny by trolling
  • My hate of things i hate, and the fact i hate my own hate (that makes sense)
  • The Sharks on "Into the Deep"
  • Panic Knifers
  • Tracker Sight/Target Finder (Find your own targets noob)
  • Unstealthy players following me when i'm being stealthy
  • Trickshotters (360 NoScope Self proclaimed 'Pros')
  • Infinity Ward not Nerfing OP weaponary (See MTAR-X and Honey Badger, it's so important, i thought i'd mention it twice)
  • Self proclaimed 'Proz BeAS7moD3'
  • People who type their Online ID while being struck by lightning. E.g. zZz_I_BeastZZZ_I_zZz (Random example, not a real person, i hope)
  • Being shot through walls that are blatantly far too thick to shoot through
  • People who spray in smoke and kill me...
  • WaW 'Nade Spam
  • Free Fall's crappy, god awful spawns.
    • Not to also mention that ONE SECTION OF ROOF that blocks your Care Package, even if you threw it miles away from it.
  • Strikezone being Dome in disguise
  • Most non-metal music
  • Youtubers who think we give even the slightest sh!t about their channels.
  • Noobs in Extinction (Challenge Failers)
  • People who are being shot by 5 other people, whilst i am not one of them, i still die every f*cking time.
  • Unhelpful teammates in Search and Rescue who leave your tags when they are 1 millimeter away from them, who then get killed at we both die...
  • Ghosts Lies: The in-game tip saying. "Want more control of your killstreak helicopter? Hop into the AAS-72X as a Helo Pilot." When it is inaccurate as f*ck.
  • Getting a Loki in a Care Package and having it Stolen...
  • Getting Killed by my own Care Package when it acts like a bouncy ball.
  • Being conned in Ghosts, because my killstreaks are crap, see below.
    • Trinity Rockets that belong in the recall room. They have "Smart" drones and it's made of paper, so it blows 500 miles south, and misses the target.
    • Guard Dogs from the home of retarded German Shepherds.
    • Support Squadmates that came from a Failed Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.
    • Battle Hinds from the Military Second hand depot.
    • Ballistic Vests from the Second Hand Shop.
    • Sentry Guns with a Damaged targeting system.
    • Vulture Drones that die by one bullet and can't kill anything.
    • Maniac Suits that were shipped over from the Chinese Black Market
    • Juggernaut suits that are already bullet riddled.
    • Helo Pilots that have dodgy rotors.
    • MAAWS Launchers that lock on, but have rockets f*ck off elsewhere.
    • Air Superiority A-10's that are piloted by the Visually Impaired.
    • Helo Scouts that give me a hitbox the size of Russia.
  • I see you've called in 5 Care Packages...........SAT COM, SAT COM, SAT COM, SAT COM, SAT COM! *Enemy Teams calls in 1 CP*..."Enemy Control Loki overhead"..........Rage quit... 
  • Spawn Trappers
  • Sensitivity 1
  • Pointless Updates
  • People who say CoD is copied and pasted, and they play FIFA................Need i say more?

You get the idea

Venting hate about things that i know people don't care about...see above...Sometimes i don't even know why i play CoD, but i can't play Battlefield, so it fills the gap :P

What i approve of: ʘ‿ʘ

  • People using Underappreciated Guns
  • Counter Camper-ing
  • Counter Sniping
  • Counter Countering (Countering a Counterer)
  • Counting the Counts of things i like Countering
  • Listening to some Avenged Sevenfold, Shinedown, The Blackout, AC/DC, Iron Maiden etc. while playing.
  • Trolling Boosters :D
  • Spec ops Mission Firewall is MW3 when playing as the Turret, who doesn't like that, right?

Having more wives than Nikolai Belinski


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