"The purpose of war is not for you to die for your country it is to make the other poor bastard die for his country"
— General George S. Patton



Hi my name is Mikey. I really like playing call of duty. My favorite call of duty game is Modern warfare 2. My favorite assault rifles are the M4 Carbine, the ACR and the SCAR-H. My favorite submachine gun is the P90. I love rushing around with it on salvage. As a matter of fact it is very effective. You can tear through crowds of enemies with one mag in those confined areas. My favorite sniper rifle is the good old Intervention. My favorite Light machine gun is the AUG HBAR. One thing i hate is the FAMAS Grenade launcher. I think that it is the Nubiest thing in the world. I have an extensive knowledge of firearms, so if anyone has any questions about guns or military history i will be more then happy to answer any questions.My favorite map is Bailout. I run around with my ACR and destroy everyone. I have also rightfully earned 10 Tactical Nuke's.

Pimp My GunEdit

PMG MikeysAR


Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareEdit

M40iwi This user loves the M40A3!
' This user hates the Desert Eagle!
MacMillan CoD4 MacMillan would be proud of this user's sniper skills.

Call of Duty: World at WarEdit

BANZAI! Not so Banzai anymore!
Colt45M1911-001 This user loves the M1911 .45

Modern Warfare 2Edit

SPAS-12 menu icon MW2 This user is a SPAS-12 Lover!
M4A1 menu icon MW2 This user loves the M4A1.
Personal EightOhEight Akimbo1887s suck This user hates Model 1887s
Holographic This user loves the Holographic Sight!
AUG HBAR menu icon MW2 This user loves the AUG!
PP-2000 menu icon MW2 This user loves the PP-2000!
Thermal Scope menu icon MW2 This user thinks the Thermal Sight makes sniping too easy!
SCAR-H Pic This user thinks the SCAR-H is epic!
M14 EBR menu icon MW2 Try to stay out of the scope of this user.
AC-130 inventory icon MW2 This user likes blowing things up in style.
Modern Warfare 2 cover This user's favorite game is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2!
Chopper Gunner menu icon MW2 This user's favorite killstreak reward is the Chopper Gunner!


BARL This user loves Bolt Action Rifles
Personal Maj.Gage ATEFI logo This user is in the Alliance to End Firearm Ignorance!
.44 Magnum menu icon MW2 This user is part of the 44.Magnum Alliance!
SkullRod PI Skull and Crossbones This user is part of the Anti-Vandal Alliance.
PMG Desert Eagle XX This user is an artist of The Gun Pimpers
MapPack2 This user is a Zombie Slayer!
MSTRCLAN This User is a member of the Call of Duty Master Clan

This user absolutely despises being killed by "Noob Tubes"'and using Noob Tubes.
COD Black Ops Logo This user can't wait for Call of Duty: Black Ops to be released!
Weapon camo menu blue tiger This user loves Blue Tiger!
Hakenkreuz im Verbotsschild This user believes that most of the German soldiers do not deserve to be called Nazis!
Flag of the United States This user Knows that AMERICA kicks ass
Rangerslogosp This user loves the US Army Rangers!


Medal, Green Heart

Nazi Zombie RecordsEdit

Nacht Der Untoten: 1P:15; 2P:20  3P:16; 4P: 10

Verruckt: 1P:NA; 2P:16  3P:13  4:15

Shi No Numa: 1P:NA; 2P:24  3P:NA; 4P:NA

Der Riese: 1P:22; 2P:33   3P:24; 4P:25

(Highest Scores only)

Kino Der Toten: 2P:22

"Five": 3P: 30

Ascension: 2P:40

Call of the dead: 2P:15

Shangri-la: 2P: 18

It should be noted that all two player scores were achieved with Azeratos

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