• I live in Pennsylvania, USA
  • I was born on August 8
  • My occupation is stalking recent changes
  • I am Male


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About Me

Hey Wikians, what's up? I am 1,000,000 years old, and I play on PS3. I really want to join a clan, but my ratio is below 1.00. If there's a clan out there that doesn't care about Kill/Death ratios, I'd be happy to join! I usually play World at War and my brother plays Lag Ops (because he (miraculously) doesn't find it shitty), and I am fairly good. Most of my deaths are from my brother, and I average out a usual 1:60 to 2:00 ratio every game.

How I can Help YOU

If anyone needs help with anything, I am usually on here, and am most likely playing World at War. I'm always up for a chat, and I am usually adding new information or fixing mistakes. I also know a fair amount of information about coding, so I could make you a userbox or signature if you want.

98.5 Mace170 FM

Below are some of my favorite songs, as well as ones that I have had as requests. For a different song, please just the refresh the page for a random one. If you want a request, then just ask me on my talk page.

Mockingbird by Eminem

Signature Collection

Pages I Have Created

See User:Mace170/Creation

To-Do List

  • Tick Reach 100 edits
  • Tick Upload 5 images
  • Tick Reach 250 edits
  • Get an over 1:00 ratio with the constant obstacle of my brother, friends, and family ruining it.
  • Tick Join a clan
  • Tick Reach 500 edits
  • TickReach 1,000 edits
  • Get over 100 article talk edits
  • TickCreate a signature for another user.
  • TickGet over 100 user talk edits
  • Get over 100 blog comments
  • Become an administrator
  • TickCollect At Least 20 Signatures
  • Become User of the Month
  • TickGet rollback rights
  • TickArchive my talk page.
  • Complete All Other Objectives


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