My Wunderwaffle iz missin

aka The Missing Wunderwaffle

  • My occupation is Aviation FBO lineman
  • I am not dead, I am sleeping

My Wunderwaffle iz missinEdit


My Wunderwaffle iz missinEdit

You have arrived at My Wunderwaffle iz missin's quarters. You will find me much more active at the Call of Duty Fanfiction Wiki where I am one of the most active users.

About meEdit

I am seldom editing here, usually on blogs or fixing any error.

My favorite things to do are: Eat, play CoD.


Wikis I editEdit

  • Halo Wiki
  • Call of Duty Fanfiction Wiki
  • Call of Duty Wiki
  • Gears of War Wiki
  • Halo Fanon Wiki


If anyone considers themselves a friend of mine, please put your name here. If you don't consider yourself a friend of mine, please remove yourself and feel bad. :D

  • SeaCrane1
  • Bumblebeeprime09
  • Pillsbury810
  • sycorabbit
  • Gamemasta424
  • MerchantofDeath
  • Delta 4-7
  • Azuris
  • Price25
  • MatheusBond

My fanfiction story (Entire library on my Cod Fanon page)Edit

Wunderwaffle's story

Blog for fanfiction character entry

LANCER performace reports

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