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  • I live in New York
  • I was born on November 5
  • My occupation is College Student, Baking Clerk
  • I am Male

What's up reader of my page? My name's Necromancer115 but you can call me Necro. I am a pretty nice guy, or so ive been told XD. I am the Resident Evil Fanboy on the wiki, so if I say something that you dont understand, its probably a Resident Evil reference, so dont be alarmed. I play Call of Duty, and other games on the Xbox-360, but I dont hate on PS3, so dont worry... Im not great at Call Of Duty (My KD is anywhere from 0.75-0.85, even though I think KD is pointless, and doesnt actually say anything about how good you are) But I definately try to be... XD

My classic avatar, and team im affiliated with.
Nickname(s) Necromancer115, Necro, 115.
Music 0p/9E0C92AE33C898A41
Tracks 1) Canto 34-Five Finger Death Punch
2) Chamber the Cartridge-Rise Against
3) State Of Emergency-Pillar
Nationality Cardtitle flag unitedstates
Appears in
Cod4topright MW2icontr BlackopsNewTopright MW3tr
Rank MW: Lvl 55, Not Prestiged

MW2: LVL 46, 5th Prestige
Black Ops: Lvl 27, 10th Prestige
MW3: Lvl 24, 10th Prestige

Affiliations Call of Duty Wiki, Resident Evil Wiki.
Status ResidentEvilEKG
Birth November 5, 1993
Weapon M1014 Pickup CoD4 MP5 Pickup CoD4 Barrett .50cal Pickup CoD4

MG4 Pickup MW2 ACR HUD icon MW2 M1911 Pickup CoD4

Signature .Necromancer115M1014 Pickup CoD4

About Me

Hello, My name is Angelo (very Italian name, I know...) and I am an 18 year old college art student from New York. I have been told to be a very nice person, and I try and be as nice as possible to everyone. I enjoy playing video games, playing guitar, hanging out with friends, long walks on the beach, being a f*cking boss, etc. I am also a notorious n00b, due to the fact that im pretty bad at editing and everytime I edit, I usually make rookie mistakes XD

History on the Wiki

I discovered this wiki around the time Black Ops came out, but it took me till February 2011 to actually make an account here. This was my first wiki. It took me till around September 2011 (when I started my first year of college) to actually start contributing more in the blog post and in general to the wiki. I joined this wiki mainly because I like the community, and wanted to give back. I left for a while back in December 2011 to help out the wiki of my favorite game series, and after accomplishing great things there and learned alot while doing it, I have returned to apply what I learned there here.

Im still gonna be very active there as well, but im gonna try and increase my activity here. And so far I feel like I have done a very good job of it. I finally broke 1000 Edits (it only took me a year and then some -_-, but to be fair, I wasn't very active for most of that time)

Games I Like

Call Of Duty series
Resident Evil series
The Legend Of Zelda series
Pokemon series
Devil May Cry series
Tales of...series



Sonic Syndicate, Children of Bodom, In Flames, Five Finger Death Punch, Destroy the Runner


Anberlin, Rise Against, Filter, The Offspring, My Chemical Romance


Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, Knife Party, Bassnectar, Big Chocolate

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Brony infection Gauge: Infection at 5%

Was forced by my brony friends to watch the ponies anthology, and ALOT of other spoofs, and I will say that some of the spoofs were funny, but I feel as if I would not enjoy the show because I don't enjoy cartoons as much anymore, with the exception of south park, and I hate musical numbers with a passion. I am still holding off infection, due to this experimental anti-virus made by Umbrella Pharmaceuticals... seems legit...

Also to clarify with my friends, this doesnt mean im 5% brony, this just means ive been exposed to the culture of bronies enough to understand it, but I am not a brony myself. Also might I add I don't care if you are a brony, I dont hate on bronies unless its for teh lolz. Its just not for me. I will not be converted until my brony friends break into my house at night, tie me to a chair in my friends basement and force me to watch season 1. Its sad cause I still fear it might happen some day... But until then I will still be the same, Resident Evil loving, Necromancer that you've all grown to Hate and Despise Love and Adore...

P.S: Thanks to hanging around you guys so much and learning so much about MLP, My brony friends now call me "Closet Brony" -_-


Call Of Duty

X-box Live Gamertag Edit

Xbox live Gamertag: Necromancer115

(If you want to play with me, which I doubt you do but just in case, send me a message saying your from CODWiki, and leave me your CODWiki username as well so I know who I'm playing with. Thanks)

Call Of Duty Likes:Edit

Multiplayer, Making Classes, Winning, Prestiging, MW3 Survival Mode, Spec Ops, Call Of Duty Zombies.

(Note: Despite me having one of the greatest unintentionally perfect gamertags for nazi zombies [Necromancy: A type of dark magic used to communicate and bring the dead back to life. Necromancer: A wizard who can use this form of magic. 115: My birthdate, and the zombie element used in COD Zombies. See, Thats too perfect.], I am actually quite horrible at Zombies. Also my Last Name is Italian for "DogKiller", which is perfect for Hellhound rounds.)

Call Of Duty Dislikes: Edit

Campers, Noobtubers, Quickscopers, Dropshotters, Overused Guns.


Wikia's I appear in | Status | RankEdit

Call of Duty Wiki | Semi-Active | Ranked 1,115,666,842,7536.2/1,115,666,842,7536.3 on Wiki (Approximation)

Resident Evil Wiki | Semi-Active | Ranked 6/1932 on Wiki

FortressCraft Wiki | Semi-Active | Ranked 15/120 on Wiki (I mainly just undo random vandalism)

Due to friends coming back from college, my constant search for a job, and in a few weeks summer classes (to do better in a subject that i suck in), i probably wont be that active for alot of the summer. Ill still be active, but not nearly as active as prior to this. Im sorry for the inconvenience, and ill still join chat and stuff randomly so look out for me.

Pages I Created:Edit




Goal Achieved?
Make a page: X
Make 5 pages: X
Make my own custom classes page and complete it: 1/2
Be featured in a CODChat Picture: X
Make this page look Pro: Almost
Make my own Signature: X
Amount enough MS Edits to be able to vote:: X
Join CDWC: X
Eated A Cupcake (I heard there to die for (Troll): X
Become an ADMIN!?!?!?!? MWAHAHAHAHA lol jk: Lolno
Make a friend (ForeverAlone): X

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Necromancer115 Trench Gun Art

My Drawing of a Trench Gun, done in 5 minutes with a Sharpie.

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If you are reading this, it means that you actually either read all of this, or scrolled all the way down here to read this. Either or, Thank You for spending the time to read this page. This page took a long time to make (Its still not perfect yet. Not at all really.....) And most likely consists of at least half my edits, either by fixing a typo, or by adding an entire section. Either or, it took a really long time to get it to this point, and I want to thank you for reading it. Making this was not in vain.....

-Yours Truly, . Necromancer115M1014 Pickup CoD4 16:18, April 11, 2012 (UTC)

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