aka Nikita

  • I live in Bandung, Indonesia
  • I was born on September 10
  • My occupation is College student
  • I am Male

About meEdit

I am a 22-years old male Indonesian from Bandung currently studying in UNIKOM (Indonesian Computer University). I am also a veteran gamer, especially FPS and RTS games.

I have a lot of interests, such as general knowledge, history, militaries (especially guns) and of course, gaming, at which most of my family think that I am obsessed to video games.

Thanks in no small part due to tendencies of F2P MMO shooter games released here being mostly P2W, my fondness to video games is now limited to popular franchises and I no longer excessively play video games like I did before I reaches 21; currently, I spent most of my time in front of my PC by browsing the Internet, playing certain popular video game franchises or editing my conceptual MMOFPS game, though sometimes I played certain recent F2P MMO shooter games just for tryouts.

The Call of Duty games that I have played is the following, sorted from the first to the last:

I like to play both singleplayer and multiplayer of Call of Duty, and I start following this wiki to know more about the series, which is one of my favourite FPS game franchises.

Singleplayer interestsEdit

The thing that makes me sticks to the CoD series is its deep storyline, whose makes me like reading a war/military novel or watching a war/military movie or TV series.

The moment that I hate in the story of CoD is Shepherd's betrayal; I never expect that Shepherd would turn against Captains Price and MacTavish, and the Task Force 141.

But, the moment that I love in the story of CoD is Makarov's death; at last, the major antagonist of the Modern Warfare trilogy gets what's he deserved: death, in the hands of Captain Price. This, in my opinion, is the sweet ending of the Modern Warfare trilogy.

In Black Ops II, I can decide how the story would end by myself. What did I like from Black Ops II is all about Raul Menendez, especially his past whose made him formed Cordis Die to make the Americans pay for his losses (the disfigurement and death of his sister and the assassination of his father amongst others). My favourite ending is when all three characters who determines it (Menendez, Mason and Chloe) survives - the "best" ending.

In addition, I favored the ability to customize player loadout in Black Ops II, which allows me to experiment playing through a level with different weapons and equipments.

Multiplayer experienceEdit

Once I played CoD4 multiplayer in the Indonesian Gamer server, but for no reason the server is now no longer active. Now I played CoD4 with bots through the PeZBOT modification in my spare times. The mod's still have many flaws, but nevertheless fun enough to play.


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