Well my name is Nuchiha101, I do own a couple sites. I have made some pretty good sites, never got any attention though because I didn't advertise them -_-

I do plan on re-opening some though.

I came to notice people are using usernames that are exactly or close to mine, before flaming me think about it, and ask me what you think I did.

Member of...[edit | edit source]

B.A.R.Ls ( Bolt - Action Rifle Lovers )

Fun Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Poland made the world's 2nd constitution
  • While Poland was the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth at one point it was the largest country in Europe?
  • In Poland you can purchase and own a fully automatic firearm but can't operate it in fully automatic function. Samething with Suppressors.
  • The PS3 is superior over the Xbox 360. Look Template:Infoboxhere. It's not a joke, really look the Air Force Research Laboratory made the world's 33rd largest supercomputer with 1,500+ PS3s. It also improved space object identification. They didn't even consider the Xbox 360.
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