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Hello all. I am PandaElDiablo. I'm an amateur coder (C# and BASIC) and editor. I have followed the CoD Wiki since I began playing Modern Warfare 2, and have just recently began editing the site. I am looking forward to becoming part of a community which I have closely followed for a few years now.

I play CoD on the PS3. My favorite game is Modern Warfare 2, but to be fair, I have not yet had the opportunity to play CoD 4 yet. I truly dislike Black Ops. Activision and Treyarch did a fantastic job of screwing over us PS3 gamers. I'm addicted to Zombies, however. Aside from Zombies, Infinity Ward is the superior developer, in my opinion. Apart from CoD, I love playing Nintendo games. I own both a Wii and a 3DS (friend codes for 3DS, please) and especially love Pokemon and Super Smash Bros.

I am a bit of a Grammar Nazi, so I intend on doing mainly custodial work on CoD Wiki, but I also hope to work my way through the ranks and eventually have a position of authority on the site! Ambitious... I know.

I thouroughly enjoy removing informal you's from CoD Wiki pages.

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