Hi, My names PhantBat. Proud CoD and Wiki editor. I'm big into categorizing articles! I hope to help in developing new articles for Modern Warfare 2.

Games I OwnEdit

Fan FictionEdit

I also am involved in the Call of Duty Fanon Wiki:

Check them out! Stories include:

  • Call of Duty: Patriotic War (Story about the Russian Front featuring characters from Finest Hour)
  • Call of Duty: Future Fronts (My own sequel to Call of Duty 4, set before MW2)
  • Call of Duty: Airborne (story about three different Airborne Divisions in WWII)
  • Call of Duty: Total War (Story set in World War I, where the Allies try to hold back the German offensive of 1918)
  • Call of Duty: Zombie War (Self-explanatory)
  • Call of Duty: Future Dogfights (Story about a futuristic squadron of F22 pilots)

My hope is to finish these stories as soon as possible

If you guys have any ideas please feel free to say so!\

Unregistered User ventingEdit

I can't believe how many damned things I've had to fix on this wiki lately b/c of all the unregs vandalism and stupid "New"articles. Annoys the Hell out of me!

New BlogEdit

I'm going to be posting a new blog with things I've noticed and think are going to happen in the future CoD wise. And also give suggestions to IW for the next game (and yes there will be a sequel to MW2!)

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