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*[[Template:ID Closed]]
*[[Template:ID Closed]]
*[[Template:3rd Person]]
*[[Template:CoD6 3rd Person Gametypes]]
*[[Template:CoD7 Perks]]
*[[Template:CoD7 Perks]]
*[[Death Machine]]
*[[Death Machine]]

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This user is a Call of Duty Wiki administrator.
Ghost Spark

About me

I'm a big fan of shooting games. Call of Duty is my favorite series of this genre. I own an Xbox 360, Xbox, Wii, N64, and GameCube. Whenever I get shooting games, I always buy them for the Xbox 360 because let's face it, the Wii was not made to support shooting games. I'm a good wiki editor and if you need help, just post something on my talk page. I usually work with things pertaining to the wiki (FAs, Improvement Drive, Interface, templates, etc.) but I edit pages too. Speaking of the improvement drive, I overhauled it and made it more FA-like. I am now the Improvement Drive ruler and I'm usually the only administrator that does anything concerning it. I was also the User of the Month for January 2010! I have to say I prefer Treyarch over Infinity Ward. I also want Monaco back, so currently I use Monobook.

Pages I've Created

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  • Call of Duty Wiki (Admin since February 2010)
  • Bioshock Wiki
  • Robot Chicken Wiki
  • Red Dead Wiki
  • Battlefield Wiki
  • Durarara!! Wiki
  • Mass Effect Wiki

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