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|name = {{Signatures/Poketape}}
|name = {{Signatures/Poketape}}
|image = [[File:Personal Poketape 325px-Shepherd2-1-.jpg]]
|image = [[File:Personal Poketape 325px-Shepherd2-1-.jpg]]
|rank = Ub3r General
|rank = Administrator
|status = Pwning you!
|status = Inactive
|weapon = [[RPG-7]], [[Bowie Knife]], [[.44 Magnum]], [[Crossbow]], [[Ray Gun]]
|weapon = [[RPG-7]], [[Bowie Knife]], [[.44 Magnum]], [[Crossbow]], [[Ray Gun]]
==About me==
==About me==
I'm a big fan of shooting games. Whenever I get shooting games, I usually buy them for the Xbox 360, but I also buy shooting games for the PC. I'm a good wiki editor and if you need help, just post something on my talk page. I usually work with things pertaining to the wiki (FAs, Improvement Drive, Interface, templates, etc.) but I edit pages too. Speaking of the Improvement Drive, I overhauled it and made it more FA-like. I used to be the Improvement Drive ruler (until I went semi-active) and I used to be the only administrator that did anything concerning it. I was also the [[Call of Duty Wiki:User of the Month|User of the Month]] for [[Call of Duty Wiki:User of the Month/Archive 1#January 2010|January 2010]]! I prefer Treyarch over Infinity Ward. I still want Monaco back, so currently I use Monobook.
I am an inactive admin. I was the [[Call of Duty Wiki:User of the Month|User of the Month]] for [[Call of Duty Wiki:User of the Month/Archive 1#January 2010|January 2010]].
==Pages I've Created==
[[File:Personal Poketape MW3 vs. B3.jpg|right|thumb|500px|Why I find Battlefield 3 more interesting of a game.]]
*[[Riot Shield]]
*[[Bloody Nose Ridge]]
*[[Template:CoD6 Multiplayer]]
*[[Template:CoD5 characters]]
*[[Just Like Old Times]]
*[[Group 935]]
*[[The Gulag]]
*[[The Enemy Of My Enemy]]
*[[Template:ID Article]]
*[[Template:CoD6 Maps]]
*[[Stimulus Package]]
*[[Demolition (Game Mode)]]
*[[Template:CoD5 Map Packs]]
*[[Template:CoD Difficulty]]
*[[Template:CoD5DS Campaign]]
*[[Template:CoD6DS Campaign]]
*[[Template:Request for Improvement]]
*[[Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS)]]
*[[Template:ID Closed]]
*[[Template:CoD6 3rd Person Gametypes]]
*[[Template:CoD7 Perks]]
*[[Death Machine]]
*[[Kino der Toten Film Reels]]
*[[District Night]]
*[[Strike Night]]
*[[Ambush Night]]
*[[Overgrown Night]]
*[[Call of the Dead/Quotes]]
*[[Call of Duty ELITE]]
*[[Zombie Monkey]]
*[[Call of Duty Wiki:Affiliates and Friends/Wiki Nominations]]
*[[Certain Affinity]]
*[[Soap's Journal]]
*[[Call of Duty Wiki:Call of Duty Wiki Clan/ELITE]]
*[[Call of Duty: World at War (Mobile)]]
*[[FFA Gunplay]]
*[[All or Nothing]]
*[[Call of Duty Tactics]]
*[[Content Pack 5]]

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This user is a Call of Duty Wiki administrator.
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About me

I am an inactive admin. I was the User of the Month for January 2010.


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