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My first PMG

PMG Assassinsglock

Glock 18 W/ grip, RDS, and suppressor, Made by Slowrider7.(awesome guy)



The Marines

The Few, The Proud, The Marines

Captain Price wants his Money

Captain Price wants his Money. LOL

made by sparta139 from YouTube. Funny

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Semi-active now.

Hi, I'm Price25.


I am an Active User here, and an Administrator at the CoD4 Sniper wiki. I am a war and gun buff. I'm a guy, in case you were wondering about it. I hate guys who say stuff like: I know what a MP5 is! it's a gun. So I tell them it's a 9mm submachine gun made by German Heckler and Koch. I love .45 ACP, 7.62x51 NATO, and .50 BMG and the Marines. 5.56x45 NATO is okay. I play the Trombone in my school band, I play the Piano on my own time and in the school Jazz Band, and I enjoy listening to music written by Hans Zimmer or movie scores in general. I can play some of his pieces on the piano, such as Time, Honor, Leave No Man Behind, Tennessee. I like science fiction books, am American, and own an MP5N, M1911, SIG Saur P229R,M16A1, M4A1 airsoft weapons, and have my eye on an M16A4. (My M16A1's stock broke, the others have broken magazines... Except for the M4A1) been saving up for the M16A4, and I intend to own at least the following weapons: SCAR-H, M14, M1911, Mark 23, M1928A1 Thompson, and an M16A4 (real guns) on my 21st birthday (I have a fund in the bank for these guns, of my own money. Right now, I can afford the SCAR-H and the M1911.). As for the best combo of guns for personal loadout, I'd have to go with Griever's set of: Desert Eagle .50AE, SPAS-12, and SCAR-H. Packing alot of stopping power in that, plus long range and CQC weapons. I know some basic (REALLY BASIC) coding. I play sports for my school, I run the 100/200 meter, and play golf on my own time. I own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty:Modern Warfare and I have Call of Duty: Black Ops. I like to watch Family Guy, and I like the Philadelphia Eagles and the USC Trojans (NFL/College football teams), the Phillies (Roy Halladay No Hitter! W00T) and the Flyers (you can now probably guess the city I live near), My PSN name is ccspruce, I am tolerant to noobishness, not tolerent to ignoramuses, annoying 10 year olds, and people who think Infinity Ward is at fault for all the little kids who are addicted to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, people who are pedophiles, people obessed with curse words and have to use one every 10 seconds. I like Dr.Pepper, Root Beer, Coke (the drink), CoD, guns, pizza. I go to a school that is fairly calm, no drugs or anything too bad except for some cases, ask me on my talk if you care to know, I get good grades usually, and pass the time here when I feel like it. My knowledge of weaponry gives my friends headaches even though I still have alot to learn and I intentionally don't talk too much about it. I have dark hair, am tall, thin (not really, but I'm not fat either). I have some friends who always look to fight, and some strange ones... one came to school with a leaf from a Japanese bush (looked like weed) and a Syringe (it was a pen that looked like a syringe) with a sticker (the sticky paper you can write on) that said "Propofol". called the school locker room the "gay penthouse" and said he saw a camera in the locker room that said "Property of [insert name of assistant principal here]". Another friend yells to someone across the lunch room that if they didn't shut the F#CK up he would cut his balls off when a teacher walked by and claimed it was for a Student Council Speech... >_> and O.O. In case you were wondering, I have a PS3, and am NOT a fanboy... But I will get mad if you call it the Gaystation 3 or something like that. I speak English (obviously), Chinese (Mandarin), and a little French. I have a high tolerance level to pain and heat/cold, am strangly resistant to people in arm wrestling despite some being considerably stronger than me.

Word of the Month

Hazzah: Word I heard somewhere

Gun of the Month

Browing Automatic Rifle: WWII era LMG

Quote of the now: "FFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK"-someone yelled it down the school staircase, and my friend thought it was this girl who rarely shouts and doesn't curse...

On a more serious note...

Quote of the now: "I come in peace. I didn't bring artillery. But I'm pleading with you, with tears in my eyes, if you fuck with me, I'll kill you all."-General James Mattis USMC to Iraqi tribal leaders. (see first demotivator.)


I love this game!! (when there are no N00Bs around) I am a level 70 multiplayer, not telling the Prestige.

Fav. character: Roach

Fav. AR: ACR


Fav. MP: M93 or G18

Fav. SR: Barret M82 .50 cal. SASR, M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle

Fav. SG: M1014

Fav. LMG: M240

Fav. 2 Attachments: ACOG/M203

Fav. Pistol: M1911 or M9 or USP


ACR menu icon MW2Col. Price25M93R

M16A4 menu icon MW2Captain Price25M1014 menu icon MW2

SCAR-H PicSergeant Price25M1911 menu icon CoD4

^ all three signitures above made by Cpl. Dunn.


If you are cool with me, but don't consider yourself a "friend" I am okay with that because I still consider you a friend. I you can't stand me, feel free to remove yourself or contact me and I will remove you.

Cpl. Dunn-Rollback Administrator


Shepard's ghost-User

Would You Kindly-Administrator




WHISKEY35 Administrator

Dolten-Rollback (I suggest you don't visit this Userpage)


Gaelan talk 12:06, October 2, 2010 (UTC)

Sp3ctr3 130 Ki11er-Understanding person

Others willl be listed soon


"who lived in a pinapple uunder the sea, spongebob squarepants, who died in an oil spill caus


e of BP.......

- TheManOfIron(TMOI)

"If little Johnny Sonofabitch wants to join the Rangers because of MW2, god speed. Don't get mad about it."

"I'm a pretty chill bro, so chill bro."






Zombie Invasion

My Dream Armory


MW2 Classes

Sandbox (feel free to use the sandbox as long as the use has a constructive intention.)

My Opinion on Noobishness

The noob tube isn't noob in my opinion accually. I only consider noobs to be people who use the assault rifle for the sole reason of using the M203/GP-25 and can't use the rilfe properly. As for the UMP and the Model 1887, I think they are just packing power, not nessesarily noob. Play how you want to play, if you want to use a UMP, just mute everyone and delete messsages, because WHO CARES? It's a game... As for camping, not really an issue nowadays with the people I play with, but I tolerate it unless it's with a shotgun.

FanFic Character:

Name:Sergeant Jim Smith

Nickname:The Sarge

Date Of Birth:4th of July

Place of Birth: Pennslyvania

Faction: United States Marine Corps



Weapons:SCAR-H Extended Magazines ACOG FN40 Suppressor, Tactical Flashlight, laser pointer SLAP rounds, FMJ and hollow point rounds, Mk.23 SOCOM pistol with Laser Aiming Module Modified to have a flashlight, Suppressor

Biography: Born and raised in Pennslyvania. He is the local shooting champion and no one in Pennslyvania is more accuate with a Mk.23.


Feel free to use him, but please leave your name and FanFic link on my talk page.


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Be a UoTM: probably won't happen, but you never know!

IRC Nicks

yeah, you can find me on IRC occasionally.

Price25, Price, Soap52(CE gave me that nickname), M4A1,M16A4,P226,

Random Video (or videos)

Random video (or videos):

If the video is somehow offending or not working, please contact me on My Talk Page and I will remove it.

Family Guy - The Original Chicken Fight

Family Guy - The Original Chicken Fight

ummm... From Family Guy TV show. Strange.


A.N.U.S. News

made by DominicFear from YouTube

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