• I live in Bumblefuck, USA
  • My occupation is Being awesomesauce
  • I am male

Any questions involving modern (WW2- present) weapons you want answered, I will be glad to answer for you

If you have a non-blocking/deleting task that needs to be done, leave a message on my talk page. I'll get it done.

What I do on this wikiEdit

I joined this wiki on March 5, 2010. From then on, I've basicly made a variety of edits. I post a blog every so often on basic "What Do You Think..." ideas, other game-related topics, and things of that nature. I am currently participating in the Tage der Albträume ‎roleplay as USMC sniper Robert Micheals. I also like to collect userboxes and userbar. I am fairly active member of the wiki and its associated IRC channel. I plan on putting in for a Request for Adminship at some point between October and December of this year.

I'm a member of the following usergroups:

  • The ATEFI
  • The Spas-12 Lovers
  • The Zombie Slayers
  • The Ask A Veteran Program

My accomplishmentsEdit

  • 112 userboxes
  • making a blog post that spawned the idea for a page to share userboxes (if you don't believe me, check my Blog)
  • 1,000 edits
  • 2,000 edits

My SubpagesEdit

My Pimp My Guns

My Userboxes

My Favorite Quotes

My FanFic has been evac'd to the Call of Duty FanFic Wiki. It can be viewed Here .

Wikis I editEdit

I am a registered user on at least 8 wikis, but these are the ones I edit the most.

My Game PlayingEdit

I have and have played all currently out Call of Duty games except for United Offensive. Of all of the games, my favorite is Black Ops. I play the latest ones on the Xbox 360 under the gamertag captian aj ( it's actually spelt like that and i'm aware that its spelt wrong. I'm not the greatest at spelling, ok?)and I play the original Call of Duty on the PC. My levels and prestieges are as follows;

Lv: 48ish (I haven't played it lately)Edit

# of prestieges: 0


Lv: 56 or so. (again, haven't played in awhile)

# of prestieges: 1

MW2 Edit

Lv: 43

# of prestieges: 1


Lv: 44

# of prestieges: 0

Don't ask me why my levels are so low. I actually have friends that I've seen in real life and I don't spend all of my time playing video games or sitting in front of a Goddamn computer.

My UserbarsEdit




[1] I got this from helping with the overhaul.

Important UserboxesEdit

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