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<div align=center style="font-size: 24px"><YellowRiolu> Ransom's VSTF? Oh dear</div><br />

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<YellowRiolu> Ransom's VSTF? Oh dear

Hey, I'm RansomTime, I'm a member of the Volunteer Spam task force - which is a volunteer role in the Wikia community tasked with cleaning up vandalism and spam from wikis. Because of this, I might just be here to clean up and so might not stick around and edit regularly. I'm normally on the community IRC channel - and I also answer questions at the community forums. I edit regularly at GuildWars Wikia, UnAnswers and Community Central.

If you'd like to talk to me about anything I've done - please use my talk page. In the case of vandalism or spam, you can contact the VSTF on our IRC channel or on the VSTF Wiki.

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