aka Hunter #7

  • I live in Dimensional traveler
  • My occupation is Undead Assassin
  • I am Depends on Avatar


About meEdit

I've been a Special Infected for about 2 yrs now. My hobbies are Parkour, Playing Guitar, and assassinating Annyoing anime characters for pay. my friends are: a Tank, a Charger, a Jockey, and a Smoker. i had been in many battles with Survivors and have won almost every one. Im the creator of The Hunters, the Originization of self aware of Hunters that hunt for Heroism and kill the damned and evil. Am one of the Five horsemen of Apocalypse, the secret horsemen of Chaos.


Pony name: Target

Alligence: Infected, Horsemen of Apocalypse, Necromorphs, The Brotherhood Codfan5695 , Angel of Anarchy

Enemies: Anime, Humanity, Nazi Zombies, TWITA, Twigy

Fears: Slenderman, Anime, Amnesia Grunts, Anime again, Saxton Hale and Chuck Norris in the same room, did I say Anime already?, and.....Dick Cheney

lv: 100

Health: over 9,000!!!!!!!!!!

attack: 36,115

Def: 5,667

Speed: 1,099

Abilities: Iron legs- No fall damage

Piston legs- increased damage to leg attacks

Rapid Heart- increased speed and distance when running

Protomorphsis- can adapt forms or create weapons from body

Attacks: Hunter pounce

Hunter headbutt

Hunter bite

Prototype claw

Prototype blade

Prototype mace

Prototype tentacle

Knockout Kick

Pony Tackle

Beserker charge

Beserker Nuke

Sig: Hunter has to be done for ratchetfans sigRatchetfan127'Undead 2 the End'Redhand emblem MW215:56, September 18, 2011 (UTC)


Personal Ratchetfan127 Alem Mercer

One man you don't wanna mess with

Isaac Clarke

I got some of my Skills from this guy right here. Major asskicker

Codfan, Me, and Jermey

Me and my best pals on the Chat

Ratchet's Pony

Meh I made this a while back this doesn't mean I'm a brony....SHUT UP

Handcannon Dead Space 2

The Dead Space equivalent of POW HAHA


If your a friend of mine add your sig and a comment

You're probably the first person I would run to for help if the Zombie Apocalypse ever came! Talk, February 22, 2012 (UTC)


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