"Tip for you idiot, there is this super awesome key on your keyboard, located just left of the "A" key. it has these letters that read "Caps lock" -Razgriez, telling an anon who had Caps lock on to write a rather annoying reply filled with junk in reply to a blog post

"Total Shutdown" "Totally owned him" - Cpt. Carebear in replies to comment

Hi, welcome to my page... Edit

Demonstrating absurdity by being absurd!


Alliance To End Firearm Ignorance

Quote/Saying: Noblesse Oblige

SitRep Edit

Former best Round, K/D in MW2: 43 and 2, on Afghan, during a Ground War Domination Match, had the luck to have 2 Pave Low's from an Emergency AirDrop, as well as my 3rd killstreak bonus being another Pavelow, then sat back at Objective point A, and watched the Fire works. Oh the poor, poor players who were probably sent insane from that. Basically imagine this.

First Pavelow, completes entire flight, followed by the alert of another Friendly/enemy pavelow incomming,

2nd Pavelow, completes about 80% of flight, Enemy team cheers, only to see....

"Shiroiwolf: called in a Pavelow"

So their options were the following, hide inside the cave, and lose as we dominate them, or...

Run for Objective C or A, and get shot to pieces, before they can cap it.

Yep.. they tried running for C. I ALMOST felt sorry for them... except I was laughing so hard, I couldn't breathe.

New Best round, Team Death match 51 Kills, 4 deaths, no assist, on Wasteland, using Bling AUG HBAR (RDS and Heartbeat Sensor), Akimbo Ranger, Perks: Bling Pro, Stopping Power Pro, Steady Aim Pro. Kill Streak set up: Predator Missile, Harrier Strike, AC-130


Call of Duty: Black Ops Prestige Earned:Edit

Black ops prestige emblem 2

5th Prestige

Things I hate Edit

  • "NOOB GUN!" Edits
  • Stupid teenage idiots who think they're being funny with idiotic vandal edits
  • Stupid Teenagers in General
  • 12 year olds who say things like "i'm Sexy" or "F*** you" to someone who's nearly twice their age, while playing an M rated games
  • 12 year olds who say the above, in general conversation, when I walk into my local hobby store.
  • The parents who let kids play M rated games
  • Noobs who write the "Noob Gun!" Edits
  • Twilight Series (Damn you foul hell spawn for turning every girl who's single into Vampire lover! I want the Murderous evil Dracula's, and Complete Bad Ass style of Alucard's (Like Alucard from the Hellsing anime) back!)
    • Addendium: Add Justin Bieber and his fans to the list. As if brain dead zombie fan girls weren't enough, add brain dead, zombie fan girls who are also rude and act like idiots and do stupid things, is worse.
  • People in general (Razgriez Industries, is an Equal Opportunity Hater/Oppressor).
  • People who spam the voice chat, or my PSN inbox with "You're mom" stupidity.
  • peoplewhoyoucan'tunderstandastheymakerandomsoundsintheirmics
  • Wanna-be Gangstas
  • The many drug related Titles and Emblems of MW2
  • IW sticking it's logo in every single nook and cranny, in the game.
  • People who don't understand satire >_>
  • People who acknowledge satire, then ignore it anyways to criticize me about supposedly not knowing the properties of a .50 cal Anti-material Sniper rifle with a kill range of over a mile and a half away.
  • Game companies who damage the credibility of very good games by forcing you to pay extra money if you want access to the full game.
  • People who try to drag me into their stupid fights and arguements.
  • The person who wrote Sony's terrible PS3 Chat text filter script for things like White Knight Chronicles and PS Home (Stop censoring my non swear/offensive words!!!)
  • The idiots who create Emblems that they shouldn't in Black ops.... I know, you think you're being really funny and/or cute by having animals fornicating (Translation, having sex), other sexual refeerences, simulated poo, and Nazi Swastikas... if you do have such an emblem, allow me to hold your head beneath the flowing waters of knowledge to teach you that it's not funny, and that you are an absolute moron. If there is one regret I have about the "Report offensive emblem" option, it's that it doesn't cause your freaking system to explode so that I don't ever have to see the latest lame, and unfunny disgusting emblem you've made, and better yet... you even.
  • Chaos Spacemarines, Demons, Necrons and Tyranids in Warhammer 40,000
  • Have I mentioned I hate Loud obnoxious kids who scream into their mics and say offensive things to you? I have? Well I figure it bears repeating.
  • Steve, from MI writing to Game Informer, whining about his possibly offensive emblem in Call of Duty: Black Ops being reported (Issue 215)... As Game Informer said, just because it's an M-rated game, doesn't mean I want to be subjected to your stupidity,
  • "FIRST!" post idiots... Wow, congratulations.. you are the first to add meaningless spam to a comment thread, woop de friggin doo. Surely you're successful triumph of being the first to add a meaningless post, is equivelent as winning the Super Bowl, or Landing on the Moon, or climbing Mt. Everest. Oh wait, no it's not. It's the equivelent of zero value in any sort of way.

Quotes Edit

"Hello, My Name is: Shiroi_Wolf; Called in, Tactical nuke"- MW2 Callsign message. "Many people like using the "Glass half empty, or Half full" theory. Those people are IDIOTS! I prefer the shot glass theory. The glass is either empty or full. Anything in between, then someone just isn't trying hard enough!" -Me

"Lord, Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I can not change, Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to hide the bodies of those who pissed me off!" -Unknown. This is now my official "Wiki Prayer"

"Why, if it isn't Sephiroth! Or was it Sefiross? Sethirophx? xXxSephirothxXx? There are so many adventurers with similar names these days, it is so hard to recall them all." Diego Athral, NPC, Final Fantasy XIV MMO. (Proof that Square Enix is willing to make fun of players who overuse their character names)



Did you know?Edit

  • That Razgriez is approaching reached his 1000th edit on January 6th, 2011? (No wai!)
  • That Razgriez is not The Stig, nor any of the Special Stigs, from Top Gear, but Pretends to be one in Gran Tourismo 5?
  • That at the time of originally writing this section, Razgriez was listening to a wailing guitar version of the San d'Oria theme from Final Fantasy XI? (HARDCORE BAGPIPES THEME FTW!!!!)
  • Seriously... Bagpipes ftw.
  • In real life, he is the commanding officer of 3 armies... Imperial Guard, Space Marines, and Tau (ok so Warhammer 40,000, doesn't quite count)
  • That he is an avid anime fan?
  • That Razgriez currently holds the 9th fastest Completion time of "The Pit" on the Campaign level "S.S.D.D." from MW2, on the Wiki With a time of 23.25 Seconds (Including an accuracy bonus of -6.3 seconds)

On Partial Hiatus! (10/17/11)Edit

Well, rather obvious I guess given my lack of being here. Unfortunetly, with the way things are in real life, and Activisions choice to make Elite now essential if you want the full experiance of future Call of Duty games, as well as boycotting IW for MW2's many issues, I will not be joining the world in playing MW3. I will however, from time to time, pop back onto Black Ops.

Why I hate the "Noob gun" or "NERF!!!" debatesEdit

Some people are curious as to why I hate these issues. Some even immiedietly presume that I support keeping some weapons the way they are, is because I'm a jerk and take great pleasure in abusing them.

Well first off, yes I do greatly enjoy the sounds of a QQing noob after I make them look pathetic. But that is not the reason.

No, the real reason are 4 fold

  1. 1. From what I have seen, the majority of those who complain are those who frankly die due to mistakes they made. They are the ones who run around the middle open ground of a map and think "lol I won't be shot at". Then of course reality strikes and proves "Moving objects in the open tend to attract attention". They die, they whine, and come on the internet to say "OMG NERF THIS WEAPON!!! I WAS KILLED BY IT!!! THAT'S UNFAIR!!!!". You being killed in Multiplayer by a weapon, is the game working as normal. It's not a glitch, it's not unfair. It's working as intended
  2. Are from the people who frankly can only win if the game is played their way. According to them, people should only use X gun, plus Y secondary and a limited list of equipment and perks. If you want that, go play Private matches with your own custom rules. Otherwise, let people play with their own play style
  3. Is that I support the Zero Punctuation take on some fans: "Fans are clingy, complaining dips***s who will never ever be grateful for any concession you make. The moment you shut out their shrill, tremulous voices, the happier you'll be for it."There has been a very fine example of this, with MAG. Zipper listened to every little teeny tiny complaint. to the point where everything was pretty much nerfed, and no one was happy, thus the game dropped from about 6000 people playing to about 1000..
  4. I don't want "Vanilla" guns, I don't want my choice to be limited between "Vanilla, French Vanilla, and Chocolate Chip". I want weapons that are different (like in WaW, where every weapon had very key differences). I want my Rocky Road, I want some Cookie dough, I want my Moose Tracks, I want my Mint Ice Cream gun. I want Variety, I want to see Variety, I want people to choose the weapon they want to, not be forced to change it because 20% of people whine enough. If I play for several weeks to earn the right to wield the +1 Sword of Slaying, LET ME USE THE +1 SWORD OF SLAYING! Don't give me the "Well it was the +1 sword of slaying until someone said it was overpowered now it's the -1 Sword of Nerfed"

And there is yet another reason, there is maybe about... 10 to 15% of those who say something should be nerf, even give good reasons why. The rest are all just those named above.

Razgriez is a cynical/sarcastic, MTN Dew drinking, Blogging Minimum wage worker and gamer.

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I tend not to respond to people who are too lazy to add 4 Tilde (~) characters, or press the Signature Button. If you want me to respond to your message on my talk page,, then sign your edit of my talk page.

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